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Spot the Difference Game for Kids - Treasure Adventure Difference

Rating: 7.5/10 - 961 votes

Hey Eagle Eye – get out your magnifying glass, it’s difference-spotting time! Treasure Adventure Difference is a colorful online spot-a-difference puzzle game for kids where you have to figure out a host small little differences in 5 different puzzles. In each level, there are 2 pictures of a Pirate Adventurer as he searches for gold on a long-lost island. Help him get closer to his goal by identifying the teeny-weeny differences between the two pictures in each level.

You’ll really need a sharp eye and good concentration skills in this fun online puzzle that is suitable for all the family. It isn’t as easy as it may sound though, as each brain teaser contains tiny differences that your eye isn’t trained to see! Score as many points as you possibly can by getting each difference correct across three difficulty levels. OK, Master Detective, it’s time to get memorizing and solve the mystery!

How to Play: There are three difficulty levels – Easy, Medium and Hard. As you go up a difficulty level, the differences are much smaller and harder to spot. There are 5 puzzles to solve on each level, each with two seemingly similar pictures. But don’t be fooled, they aren’t exactly the same. There are 6 miniscule differences in each puzzle. The correct picture is on the right of the game screen, the altered one is on the left.

Your pointer mimics the movement of your computer cursor. When you think you have spotted a difference, Left Click. If you are correct, you score points and the difference is circled. If you get it wrong, you get deducted points from your score in the bottom right hand corner. You can also see how many differences are remaining along the bottom of the game screen. If you are struggling to find a difference, click the ‘Hint’ icon. Special colored sparks will appear on the screen in the general area of a difference – which will give you a better chance of finding it. You can use 2 Hints in each level. Tip: Choose a small area of the two pictures, and quickly move your eyes from one to the other. If there is a difference there, your eyes should hopefully notice something slightly different.

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