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Hidden Object Adventure Game - Agent Woof

Rating: 8/10 - 1259 votes

Top secret agent required for a point-and-click, hidden object adventure game! James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, eat your heart out. Meet the world’s greatest canine-sleuth! Agent Woof sure has a nose for sniffing out a clue or two, and you are urgently required to work undercover with this super-slick, private eye dog through a series of tricky brain teasing levels in this highly-challenging puzzler. Agent Woof is on the trail of the cunning Catty Cat. The feisty feline and his gang have planted a bomb in a busy city area – and you have to find and defuse the explosive before it’s too late! You play the role of ‘game changer’, and must interact with the game environment using your computer mouse as a detective tool. Pick up lost items, solve code puzzles, remove obstacles, eliminate bad guys, and more!

This fun and surprisingly-difficult thinking adventure game is a ‘must-play’ for fans of iinvestigation-style games, Sherlock Holmes / CSI devotees, and amateur sleuths of all ages! Top concentration, sharp observation skills, methodical planning, strategic thinking, a good memory, and quick reflexes are just some of the attributes needed for success. Your problem-solving skills are really tested to the max as you come up against all kinds of unusual puzzles and eccentric brain-teaser mini-games within each level. An inquisitive mind is a really important tool here as you try to decipher the many clues in each level. Ready to save the day? And...Action!

How to Play: Your goal is to foil the Catty Cat gang by defusing their bomb and defeating all of the baddies. To do this, you must guide Agent Woof through each brain teaser level. In each increasingly challenging scene, you have to investigate all of the click-able, interactive items and areas on the game screen. Keep an eye on your computer mouse cursor – if it turns from a regular arrow into a hand shape, you’ve found an item / area that can be interacted with. However, if you click on an item, and Agent Woof simply shrugs, this indicates that you need to do other more immediate things first. For example – in Level 1, you may click on the locked drawer – but this is a futile action unless you have found on a collectible lock-picker first!

The order in which you click on items is extremely important – especially in later levels. If you make a wrong move, Agent Woof might get whacked over the head by an enemy, or fall into a trash can. If this happens, you must restart the level / scene from the beginning. Click on anything unusual that you see on the game screen. You never know what hidden or seemingly useless items might turn out to be of use to ingenious Agent Woof. Happy investigating!

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