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Play Vortex Point 5 - Hidden Object Mystery Game

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Welcome to Vortex Point, a super-wacky and supernatural small town where hidden objects and spooky mysteries reign supreme! The game, Vortex Point 5, is a challenging hidden object-based, adventure puzzle for teens and grownups where you must help special detectives Kevin, Caroline, and Greg to figure out a head-scratching Halloween mystery. Using your computer mouse as a detective’s tool, you must click on anything unusual in each scene, and hopefully piece together the clues to solve an old crime from a black and white movie!

This fun, step-by-step, point and click-style puzzle activity requires very good observation, logic and decision making skills as you attempt to link various objects and clues together. Your memory skills are also tested as you try to figure out which areas of the town to visit at the correct moment.

Players with a curious, investigative side and those who love mystery solving games & brain teasers are definitely candidates for the hard sleuthing work required here! Ok Master Detective, it’s time to get problem solving!

How to Play: Once the game loads, click on the purple and black arrow underneath the game name, and then choose your language (This is important, as you must be able to read the many game instructions and prompts). On the main menu screen, click on the ‘Play’ button on the left hand side of the game screen to begin the action. Then, choose your character (Kevin, Caroline, or Greg).

Background info: It’s Halloween night, and most Vortex Point inhabitants have left the town due to the increased chance of strange things happening. Your character decides to go to the old cinema, and is soon magically dragged in to an old black and white crime mystery movie!

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on various objects in order to interact with the game environment. Hover your mouse around the edges of the play area in order to move between scenes (Click when a yellow and black arrow appears to move between scenes). Try to piece together as much evidence as you can in order to solve the crime. Keep looking, the clues are all there!

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