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Profitania – Business Strategy Game

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Profitania is a fun business simulation game, where your goal is to build a manufacturing empire. The game revolves around inventing new and ever-more peculiar products that you can sell to the population of the surface world. As prices fluctuate in real time, you’ll get to buy up the best goods on the commodity exchange. You must invest in research and development, secure raw materials, and manufacture the best products in the land.

Using these raw materials, you can manufacture products, make a tidy profit, and become an industrial tycoon! But watch out, you must compete against five other players (both human and computer) in a race to become the leading industrial tycoon, all the while exploring the vast underworld and interacting with its odd and uninhibited inhabitants.

How to play: Profitania puts you in the role of a manufacturing mogul. Buy up commodities, expand your factory, and in no time, you’ll be on your way to becoming an industrial tycoon! Click on ‘Play Free Game’ to begin the game. Choose your sound settings at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Start New Game’. There is a tutorial box at the top of the game screen, which is highly recommended for the first-time players. If you have already played Profitania, choose the difficulty of the game (novice, beginner, intermediate, expert, master).

Afterwards, you are asked to choose the number of players who are going to play the game (up to six people). Note, that any slots not taken by humans will be filled by computer players. Choose the company you want to run. Each one has a different owner, unique personality, and special ability. Get to know the company and its owner by clicking on each of them and choose the one that matches your interests the best.

Each company begins the game with 200,000 gems in cash. The first company to reach 25,000,000 gems wins the first round. The final winning point is 10 billion gems! Since a new feature is introduced in every turn, and you can learn as you play, the game will be simple to start with. If you ever get stuck, there are Help buttons located in the bottom-right corner throughout the game. Strategize well and Good Luck!

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