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Zapitalism – Business Simulation Game

Rating: 5.6/10 - 365 votes

Zapitalism is an incredibly fun fantasy business simulation game. It combines beautifully rendered images with multi-player functionality in a game of business strategy. In Zapitalism, your aim is to become a retail tycoon by taking a small store and converting it to a business empire. In other words, your goal is to become the richest business owner on the island. In this fun business simulation game you will be able to make deals with the eccentric inhabitants of Zapinalia, invest in stocks & bonds, corner the market and construct mega-stores. You can also venture out to explore the Archipelago of Mermadan in search of treasure and mysterious relics.

The first player to build a retail empire and outwit the competition wins. Stock the best products, set the right prices, and make a tidy profit. But watch out for the competition, as you race to expand your commercial empire and become a business tycoon! Keep in mind, that Zapitalism is a turn-based game, meaning each player takes a turn. Once everyone has taken a turn, the game advances to the next week. Have fun building your business empire!.

How to play: Click on “Play Free Game” to begin the game. Choose your sound settings at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Start New Game’. There is a tutorial box at the top of the game screen, which is highly recommended for the first-time players. If you have already played Zapitalism, choose the difficulty of the game (novice, beginner, intermediate, expert, master). Next, you are asked to choose the number of players who are going to play the game (up to six people). Note, that any slots not taken by humans will be filled by computer players. Choose the company you want to run. Get to know the company by clicking on it, and choose the one that fits your interests the best. The companies are ranked according to their net cash. The first company to reach 5,000,000 zables wins this round. The final winning point is 10 billion! Since a new feature is introduced in every turn, and you can learn as you play, the game will be simple to start with. If you get stuck, there are Help buttons located in the bottom-right corner throughout the game.  Strategize well and Good Luck!

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