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Online Business Simulation Game - Beach Resort

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Manage your own unique seaside resort and cafe business while playing against a competitive computer player in this fast-paced, mouse-clicking tycoon strategy game! Beach Resort is a fun, customer service-based, business simulation game where you must reach target ‘money goals’ each day by serving customers in your beach cafe, selling swimming equipment, saving stranded swimmers, and more. All of your actions must be performed quickly – or else your cunning and eager computer rival, Sally, will swoop and take the customers' cash! Improve and upgrade your resort as you progress, and transform your business from a nice little bathing area into a sprawling seaside paradise!

Skills required: This high-intensity, tycoon simulation game requires fast, tactful mouse clicking skills as you attempt to earn as much virtual income as possible in each business day. Multi-tasking is very important here, as you may have to perform more than one task simultaneously and under pressure. Good business acumen and strategic planning skills, and dedicated customer service skills are called into play as you increase the scope, size, and offerings of your business as you progress.

How to Play: A fun, Flash-based, mouse-clicking customer service / entrepreneurship game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each level / business day, your task is to reach the target amount of earnings by the close of business. The day / level is finished when the clock in the top left corner reaches 21.00pm. You earn money by performing certain tasks using your computer mouse or touchpad.

Customers indicate what they want via the bubble picture above their heads. If a customer approaches the equipment table, you must simply click on the item / surfboard they want. If a customer sits at a cafe table and orders a food item, you must click on the item and then on the table. Other tasks include throwing life preservers to struggling swimmers, and warning swimmers of sharks on the public address system.

If you wait too long to perform tasks, Sally, your determined rival, swoops in and serves the customers instead. If you fail to reach the goal target before the clock runs out, you fail the level. In between levels, you can use virtual income earned to upgrade your resort and increase the number of items on sale. Enjoy the business challenge.

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