Tri Towers Solitaire Card Game
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Tri Towers Solitaire Card Game

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Free Solitaire Game: The object of TriTowers Solitaire objective is to clear three stacks of cards (TriTowers) to win a round. You should put all cards in sequence as quickly as possible as game is time limited. Your score builds up when you win more rounds in a sequence. Since the game is created using HTML5 - you can play it on your mobile device without the need for Flash support. Simply use your tablet or mobile in landscape mode (turn sideways) and play the game in full screen mode.

You must place cards from the layout onto the card that is showing at the bottom. Only one lower or one higher card can be put on top. The Ace cards are both high and low and can be placed on any card. If you have no suitable cards to place from the layout onto the showing card, click the next card button or the wild card. The wild card can be used only once, so you should use it only when you have no other option to move forward. Before you consider using the wild card - take the "next" card from the stack and you might have a chance to continue the sequence without using the wild card.

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