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Kids' Arcade Shooting Game with Basic Numbers Sequencing – Spheroids

Rating: 6/10 - 9 votes

Play a basic numbers sequencing game where you must turn red spheroids blue by shooting them in numerical order against the clock. Spheroids is a straight-forward, space invader-style, aiming and accuracy arcade game for younger kids (kindergarten to junior elementary student level) where you combine accurate missile fire with visual skills as you try to hit unpredictable moving spheres must be targeted in a numerical sequence. You play the role of a spaceship pilot, and must try to deactivate the numbered spheroids before the clock reaches zero.

Skills / strategy required: Pinpoint keyboard control and coordination are paramount to your success in this retro-style, vertical-firing space arcade game. Sharp visual skills, focus, concentration, and lots of enthusiasm and determination are also required as you work to take out each spheroid in the correct order. Although the clock is ticking, the best strategy is to keep your cool, and avoid wild, aimless shooting. Hitting spheroids out of sequence is far more damaging to your chances than a near miss – so try to time your shots carefully!

How to Play: A Flash-based, aiming & accuracy-based, timing skill and numbers sequencing game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the 6 increasingly-difficult levels, your task is to turn all red colored ‘spheroids’ into blue by shooting them in numerical sequence. You control the spacecraft that moves along the bottom of the play area, and must complete your task before the clock at the top of the game screen reaches zero. You have 2 minutes to complete your task in each level.

Control your spaceship's "over and back movement" at the bottom with the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press Spacebar to fire your missiles. If you accidentally hit a red spheroid out of sequence, it explodes and re-spawns elsewhere on the game screen. If you hit a blue spheroid by accident, it turns grey – and you have a short period of time to hit it again to in order to restore it to blue. If you fail to do this, the grey spheroid becomes a red spheroid once again.

In later levels, white spheroids act as pesky asteroids which disrupt your shooting by de-activating blue spheroids and turning them back to red. Try to eliminate white spheroids as fast as possible. An icon with text at the bottom of the play area displays which spheroid should be targeted next.

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