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Play Invisible Runner - An Awesome Platform Game for Kids

Rating: 6.6/10 - 702 votes

If you enjoy platform maze games with an extra added twist, then this is definitely right up your street! Invisible Runner is a tricky, cool and clever maze puzzle game where you have to use your imagination, instinct and skill in order to navigate through a series of difficult mazes. Sounds like any old maze game – aha, but there’s an interesting catch; the player you control is mainly completely invisible! You have to use your intuition and guessing ability to try to predict where exactly your character is standing within the maze before you continue to move. There are floating black power-ups (let’s call them Visi-balls here) that give you a glimpse of your character’s position – but that only lasts for 3-4 seconds. Soon enough you’ll be back to an invisible state.

Try to maneuver your transparent little guy as carefully as possible through the often dangerous terrain. There are spikes and ravines to negotiate around, and this is made all the more difficult by the fact that you often cannot know your position! This fun and innovative game concept really tests your perception and awareness, as you must guess exactly where your character is in order to survive and escape. Your quick reactions must also come into play, as you have to dash around the screen to collect power-ups to give you that re-assuring glimpse of your actual position within the maze.

How to Play: In each level, your goal is to navigate your character through the maze to the exit door on the right hand side of the game screen (indicated by a black arrow). At the very start of the level, you get a 3 to 4 second glimpse of your character’s position on the left of the game screen before he disappears. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control his movements: Left and Right Arrows to run in either direction, Up Arrow to jump. Try to collect the floating black Visi-balls dotted throughout the maze – these make your character visible for a few seconds. The trick is to quickly move from Visi-ball to Visi-ball to keep your character visible as regularly as possible.

In later levels, there are ravines, spikes and lasers which must be avoided. If you fall down a ravine or come into contact with dangerous objects, you lose a life. You can see how many lives you have remaining in the top left corner of the game screen. If you lose all of your lives, click ‘Try Again’ using your computer mouse or touchpad to start the level again. You can restart at any time during the level by clicking the ‘Restart’ button in the top right corner.

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