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Match 3 Bubble Shooter Game for Mobile Phone / Android / Tablet / PC

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Play a match 3 bubble shooting and tower defense-style game for kids: Defend your base by taking control of a magic cannon (ball slinger) and fire matching orbs to stop an oncoming ‘bubble snake’ of orbs from reaching the end of the path! Sparkle 2. is an addicting, bubble shooter and matching puzzle game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop or desktop PC.

Here, you must create and eliminate matching groups of three or more same colored bubbles (orbs) by accurately firing into a slowly-marching snake made of multiple, differently-colored orbs! Stop wave after wave of bubble snakes from reaching the hole at the end of the winding pathway to progress!

Skills required: This multilevel, tower defense, aiming & accuracy activity requires sharp reactions, tactful mouse clicking / finger tapping, smooth hand-eye coordination and high concentration skills as you pick out the point of the snake to hit with your next bubble. A sense of urgency, high levels of stamina and a willingness for trial and error are also important attributes as you take on the numerous waves of oncoming harmful bubbles.

How to Play: This match 3 bubble shooter game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers for PC / Mac. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally.

In each of the 24 increasingly-difficult levels / game environments, you must survive 6 ‘waves’ of bubble snakes. This means that you must stop each ‘snake’ before it reaches the hole (your base) at the end of the winding path. To do this, you must create and eliminate matching groups of 3 or more bubbles in a row within the oncoming snake.

For mobile / tablet players: Simply tap in the direction you wish to fire the bubble. If you want to switch the order of the bubbles within the cannon, tap on the cannon itself. For laptop / desktop players: Using your computer mouse or touchpad, aim using your mouse cursor, and Left Click to fire. Click on the cannon itself to switch the bubble order. You can pick up Power-ups which slow down the snake, freeze it entirely, and even force it to reverse. Simply fire a bubble at these Power-ups when they appear in the game environment.

Tip: Create a match near the back end of the snake to force the rest of the orbs / bubbles to ‘recoil’ and move backwards. Matching 4 same-colored orbs as a group is only possible within a secondary group created by the recoil action of retreating orbs in the snake.

Note: Advertisements may pop up on your game screen from time to time. To continue with the game, click or tap on the ‘Skip Ad’ button near the bottom right corner of game screen.

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