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Free Virtual Pet Game for Android Mobile Phone / Tablet / PC

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Take good care of your very own cute and cuddly Monster Pet, and earn gold coins to assist you by playing four fun mini-games! Monster Pet is a challenging and in-depth animal care simulation game for kids where you must attend to the needs of an adorable little monster – keeping it healthy, clean, fed, watered, clothed, and entertained! However, in order to provide this important care for your new best friend, you must earn Gold Coins by playing (and succeeding) in four addicting ‘mini-games’. These include a classic match 3 grid game, a reactions-based ‘whack-a-mole’ game, a soccer shooting challenge, and a Tetris-style descending item matching game!

Playable on Android mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this all-action, multi-skill simulation game is a great test of your patience, reaction speed, observation skills, hand-eye coordination, stamina, and more. Decision making skills are also important as you must quickly figure out which of the mini-games suit your skill-set best, and then smartly use that particular activity as your main source of Gold Coin income. Also ensure not to get distracted by the excitement of the mini-games. Remember, your main job as pet care specialist is to keep your monster pet happy and healthy!

How to Play: This HTML5 game may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on those devices.

Once the game loads, you must choose your Monster Pet character (with a male or female pet option). There are 6 different ‘Health’ icons at the top of the game screen. Your job is to keep these icons as close to full up (green) as possible at all times. To do this, you must use Gold Coins earned through good mini game play to purchase the various things your pet needs. These include food, drinks, medicine, and soap.

Toggle through the various areas and rooms by clicking or tapping on the grey arrows on the left and right hand sides of the game screen. Click or tap on the shopping bag icon in the top right corner to purchase different items related to that room (i.e. In the kitchen, you can purchase food and drinks). Once you have purchased items, they appear in the item area at the bottom of the game screen. From here, you can click and drag / tap and swipe these items onto your pet.

In order to earn Gold Coins, you must go to the garden area, and choose one of the four mini games, which you can toggle through at the bottom of the game screen. Click or tap on the icon for the game you wish to play. Each mini-game lasts for about 30 seconds, and they all have different controls.

Drag & Match Mini Game: Here, food & drink items descend quickly from the top of the play area – either a chicken leg, sundae, glass of lemonade or an apple. You must quickly drag a match for the descending item from the 4 icons near the bottom of the game screen. You must click and drag / tap and swipe the matching item into the gold star in the middle – and release the click / tap at the exact moment that the two matching items are in the gold star together.

Match 3 Grid Mini Game: Here, you have a large 8X8 grid of different colored monster pets. You must find and eliminate matching groups of 3 or more same-colored pets that are adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically. Simply click or tap on a matching group to eliminate them and score points.

Soccer Shooting Mini Game: This is a soccer football goal-shooting game where you have 10 shots on goal, and must fire the ball into the yellow target area in the goal as many times as you can. For notebook, laptop and desktop players: Using your mouse or touchpad, click and swipe upwards across the ball in the direction you want it to go. For Android mobile phone / tablet players: Using your finger, swipe upwards in the direction you want your shot to go.

Whack-a-Monster Mini Game: Here, there are 9 mole holes where monsters and clocks pop up at random intervals. Click or tap on monsters and Blue Clocks to earn points and extra time. Don't click or tap on the red clocks – as this reduces your time.

Use the Gold Coins earned from good mini-game performances to keep your monster healthy! Enjoy your important work!

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