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Physics Puzzle Game for Mobile / Tablet / PC - Red & Green 2

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Unite cuddly red and green fluff balls with their candy counterparts in this physics-based, problem-solving puzzler playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop PC. Red & Green 2 is a gravity-based, cannon launching visual puzzle where you must fire cannonballs into a play area in order to propel red and green characters into their matching colored candy pieces. Interact with the game environment by accurately adding cannonballs to the play area, and hope that the fluff balls come into contact with the target candy pieces.

Skills required: This tricky online brain teaser game requires problem solving skills and desire to carefully study the environment, visualize scenarios (to predict which way the ball/s will roll), and to think outside of the box when necessary. Good strategy, analytical thinking skills, accurate shooting, and fast reactions are also essential. Good judgment of angles and trajectory also play a big part in your success.

How to Play: This HTML5-based, physics puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices, as well as on PC / Mac but the game software may not be supported on some devices or web browsers. To play the game with full screen, you may have to turn your device horizontally. In each of the 20 increasingly-challenging levels, your task is to unite the red ball and green ball characters with the matching gum drop candy pieces.

Your cannon is situated on the left hand side of the game screen. To fire a cannonball, click or tap on the exact area of the game screen you want to aim at. You can adjust the position of the cannon by clicking or tapping on the arrow icons above and below the cannon. You have an unlimited number of cannonballs to use.

If you get stuck on a level, re-start it by clicking or tapping on circular arrow icon in the top right corner of the play area. Ask your best friends and family members to help you on difficult levels that you just cannot pass. Good teamwork sure comes in handy when solving difficult puzzles!

Note: Advertisements may pop up on your game screen from time to time. To continue with the game, click or tap on the ‘Skip Ad’ option when it becomes available in the bottom right corner.

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