Hidden Expedition Titanic Adventure Game! Play Free Online and search for hidden objects. This Computer Game is created for Kids, Children, Teens & Big Kids.
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Hidden Expedition Titanic: This is an exciting searching game for young ‘detectives’ who are willing to explore the underwater wreckage of the Titanic. You need a keen eye for detail to find the necessary items on the Titanic, and it helps develop observational skills. On April 14, 1912, the great Titanic ship struck an iceberg and within hours sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. You are now part of the Hidden Expedition Adventure League and it is your job to collect antique artifacts in this shipwreck. You will have 14 diving missions, during which you will have to search 17 locations on the ship for smartly hidden clues that will lead you to the ultimate treasure: The Crown Jewels. Are you ready for the underwater adventure? Good luck in your search!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse to click on each item you find from the list to send it to the surface. You can also use the ‘Hint’ button if you are not able to find all of the items. However, use with care as each time you use the hint button, you will lose some of your precious oxygen! However, you can supplement your oxygen quantity by gathering the multicolored diamonds and an Oxygen Cylinder. Try to collect all the missing objects before your oxygen runs out.

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