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Airplane Shooting Game Online - Luftrauser

Rating: 9.3/10 - 16481 votes

Ok Top Gun, it’s time to jump into the cockpit, brace yourself for an intense dog-fight, and keep your finger on the trigger! Luftrauser is a simple and addicting 2D fighter-jet flying game where you play the role of a brave and daring fighter pilot. Destroy as many enemy aircraft and battleships as you can in this high-octane adventure in the skies. You are sitting in an explosive flying machine Captain - it’s time to light it up, and show these guys who's boss!

Dodge and weave your way around a war zone as you try to avoid enemy fire from all angles. The simple old-school graphics are reminiscent of classic arcade flying games such as Space Invaders and Asteroids. Use your versatile war plane to perform cool flips and awesome dives while engaging in dangerous aerial combat. Watch for fast-approaching enemy aircraft hot on your tail, navigate aggressively to outflank them, and survive for as long as you can utilizing your quick reactions and nifty fingers. If you get out of this extreme air-battle unscathed, you can leap out of the cockpit and shout “I’m going to Disneyland”- just like in the famous flying movie Top Gun! Good luck brave Fighter Pilot.

How to Play: Your goal is to survive and score as many points as possible by destroying enemy planes, boats, and battleships. On the main menu screen, press the Up Arrow on your computer keyboard or touchscreen to start the action. Fly around above the water, avoiding enemy fire while launching your own offensive missiles. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your fighter jet. Alternatively, you can use the WASD Keys. To fire your missiles, hit the X Key.

You have an unlimited amount of missiles in your arsenal (keep your finger on the X key to fire an endless stream of missiles). Enemy fighter planes and jets attack from the air, while battleships fire big anti-aircraft guns from the water below. Score points for destroying these enemy machines. The bigger the foe, the more points you score for eliminating them. Planes = 10 points; Jets = 20 points; Boats = 40 points; Battleships = 100 points. If your aircraft gets shot down, hit your X key to restart the game.

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