Play 2 player game online free for kids (girls/ boys) & family: Stacks is a fun two player or one player game where you can play with a friend on the same computer keyboard or play as 1-player against the computer on PC, Mac, iPad. Free ball shooting games, fast reactions/ car racing games to play online.
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1 & 2 Player Game to Play Online - Stacks

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Stacks is an online skill and strategy game where your goal is to dislodge a green block from a stack faster than your opponent; You play against the computer or a friend. The ‘Stack’ of blocks in the center of the game screen has different colored blocks that can be dislodged by firing a cannonball at them from the side. It’s your mission to make sure you knock a Green Block out of the Stack before your opponent does.

This colorful, retro-style game is all about timing – make sure your cannonball is released at just the right time to knock a block toward your opponent. This fast-paced fun activity can be played 1 player against the computer, or with 2 players (against a friend). There is also an element of strategy, as you must decide whether to push a block out, or to prevent your opponent from doing the same. You’ll need quick reactions and nifty fingers to succeed. Ok Block Knocker, charge up your cannon and let’s go!

How to Play: Before you start a game, there is a menu screen where you can adjust the various different elements of how the game is played. Use your computer mouse to adjust these options. You can choose whether to play against the computer, or a friend. If you choose the computer, you can adjust the skill level of your opponent. You can change how many blocks you need to knock off to win, or how long each game takes. You can also adjust how heavy the blocks are, and how difficult it is to dislodge them from the stack.

Once you click ‘Start’, the game begins. If you are playing against the computer, you control the cannon on the left of the game screen. Your cannon automatically zooms up and down the side of the game screen, with the Stack in the center. To fire a cannonball, hold down the A key on your computer keyboard. This charges up your cannon (you can see the charge bar in the bottom left corner.) Release the A key when you feel it is charged enough - and the cannonball flies toward the stack. If it hits a Green Block, that block is pushed toward your opponent. Only the Green Blocks can be dislodged.

To win the game, keep firing until you knock a Green Block totally out of the Stack toward your opponent. Remember, your opponent will be trying to do the same thing, so don’t forget to push the blocks that he has dislodged back towards him. If you are playing against a friend, Player 2 uses the L key to charge and fire the cannon on the right hand side. Enjoy the action!

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