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Online Arrow Shooting Defense Game - The Arrow Of Time

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The Arrow Of Time is a tower defense-style arrow shooting game where you play the role of Peep, the last remaining Whistle Knight, and sole protector of the priceless Arrow of Time. Stationed atop an impressive Sky Fortress, you have to valiantly repel wave after wave of airborne enemy attacks by accurately firing a variety of arrows at the oncoming hordes. The brave little Knight has vowed to protect the Fortress for as long as it takes, and that means you must face rapidly evolving enemy forces over time (including winged beasts, soldiers in hot air balloons, improving aircraft seeker missiles, and more). Luckily, your own arsenal of deadly arrows can also evolve and upgrade, meaning you and your would-be conquerors are well-matched throughout this epic adventure!

Unleash your inner Robin Hood as you hone your arrow firing accuracy in this action-packed, mouse-clicking shooting challenge. A very steady hand is the key to success here as you try to bring down the menacing masses of airborne enemies. Courage under pressure is always a key attribute as you may have to face down a seemingly overwhelming amount of opponents that approach from all angles. If you panic under this burden, the Arrow Of Time will surely be lost forever. You simply cannot let that happen! It’s time to take on your enemies with the bravery and tenacity of a lion. This last Knight standing won’t go down without one hell of a fight!

How to Play: (Note: This is a very large game which carries a lot of data. As the game is loading, it may ask your permission to store more memory. To continue, click ‘Allow’.) In each increasingly challenging level (aka Wave), you have to successfully defend your Sky Fortress by firing an array of arrows at the approaching enemies before they get close enough to cause damage to your Fortress. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the circular firing area at the top of the Fortress, and drag away from the direction you wish to fire. Once you have generated sufficient power (indicated by how far your bow is stretched back), release the click to fire the arrow.

You have an unlimited supply of arrows, and the variety of your arsenal increases as you progress. In between each level, you can upgrade both your weaponry and your fortress defenses (depending on the amount of points you have earned). You can purchase Fire Arrows (burn enemies), Ice Arrows (freeze enemies), Time Arrows (slow enemies down), and more. Click on the Arrow Menu at the bottom of the Sky Fortress in order to switch between arrow types. Unfortunately, your enemies also evolve and improve over time. For example, at the beginning of the game you may be facing simple hang glider soldiers or wooden missiles – but as you progress through time, more sophisticated aircraft and missiles are launched in your direction. Good luck!

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