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Great Fun RPG Stick Game - Stealing the Diamond

Rating: 9.4/10 - 21089 votes

Stealing the Diamond is a fun, innovative and highly entertaining “choose your own destiny” RPG stick figure animation game where you have to navigate through a series of multiple choice scenarios to successfully snatch a Tunisian diamond worth $12 million from a heavily guarded museum! Stealing the Diamond is the cool sequel to ‘Escaping the Prison’, and here you again play the role of lovable Henry Stickman, fresh from his escape and plotting new "jobs". You have to carefully choose the correct option in each step-by-step scenario as there are only three outcomes where you successfully get away with the diamond – and an absolute ton of ways you can fail!

Set around a series of funny stickman animation sketches, this hilarious, interactive RPG adventure game requires shrewd decision making above all else. You have to select the correct action / tool on your way through the various different scenarios to continue on your quest. Needless to say, there is a lot of trial and error required too! You also need to exhibit quick reactions and sharp reflexes – you play the role of a wanted stickman criminal, and have to quickly dodge all kinds of guards and obstacles! Do you have the devious imagination and vision of a diamond thief extraordinaire to find a route to rob the glorious gemstone? Time to make your choice! (p.s. - Of course stealing and robbery in real-life is wrong, but in this light-hearted virtual world, it makes for great fun!)

How to Play: After seeing a news report, renowned thief Henry Stickman (that’s you here) decides to snatch an amazingly valuable Tunisian diamond from the local museum. Right from the beginning of the action, you have to choose whether to “bust in”, or “sneak in”. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to click on the different options that pop up on screen. Depending on the initial method of entering the museum, the game progresses - step-by-step - to further choices and mouse-clicking action. For example, you might have to choose between 6 different ways to climb the museum, 4 different ways to disarm one of the guards, etc.

Each time you make an unwise or incorrect choice, a large red FAIL stamp appears on screen, and you can either go back to the previous step – or back to the beginning. There are 3 successful step-by-step scenarios where you make it out safely with the diamond – the ‘Undetected Way’, the ‘Epic Way’, and the ‘Aggressive Way’. See if you can eventually find the solution to all three scenarios. Good luck trying!

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