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Physics-based Ball Skill Game - Gravitex 2

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Prepare to feel the gravitational pull of one of the most challenging and interesting physics-based puzzles ever to grace the genre! Gravitex 2 is a stunning science-based skill game where you have to fire a special yellow ball into a black hole in space, avoiding the large planetary objects and square-edged obstacles placed in your way. You have to carefully calculate and judge the power and angle of your shot while also taking the gravitational pull of the large sphere-like obstacles into account. You cannot affect the path or trajectory of your yellow ball after firing it across space – so the key is to ensure your specific calculations and calibrations are "spot on" before you press the launch button!

This awesome, in-depth brain teaser with a cool ambiance and background sound features 100 amazing levels – that’s right, ONE HUNDRED! It’s a truly addicting problem solving activity that does require a little basic understanding of gravity as you have to carefully judge the correct path for your ball. Even an angle change of just one degree can dramatically alter your fortunes! Great patience, good judgment, pinpoint accuracy, and an unwavering determination and nerve are all extremely important attributes to have in your space locker here. There is plenty of trial and error required with so many levels to attempt! Ok Gravity Master, let’s put those brain skills to work!

How to Play: In each of the 100 increasingly difficult levels, your goal is to successfully fire the small yellow ball into the black hole-style Exit Portal, usually located on the opposite side of the game screen. There are also three green coins in each level, scattered around the game screen. Collecting these important coins helps to unlock subsequent levels as you progress through the game (each ‘row’ of 10 levels is unlocked when you collect a specific amount of coins). There are also a range of different obstacles dotted throughout most levels. Square or rectangle-shaped black blocks are there to hinder your yellow ball's flight path (The ball gravitates towards Blue Spheres, while the Red Spheres repel the ball away from it.)

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control the power and angle of your shot. The Up and Down Arrows increase / decrease the power of the ball’s launch, from 0 to 100%. The Left and Right Arrows change the direction of the shot, from 0 to 360 degrees. A dotted white line sprouts from the ball in the direction of your shot. The longer the dotted line, the more powerful your shot is going to be. When you are happy with the calibrations, press Spacebar to fire. If the ball reaches the Exit Portal, you can choose to progress to the next level, or replay the level (you might want to replay to collect as many Green Coins as you can). If the ball crashes off of an obstacle or flies out of the game area, you can simply re-calculate and go again (you have an "unlimited" number of lives / balls). Keep collecting coins and progressing through levels, and see how many of the 100 you can complete!

Note: You can also use your computer mouse or touchpad to control your launch power and angle by interacting with the dashboard at the bottom of the game screen. However, we find that using the Arrow Keys is much easier. Really experienced players might like to try the ‘Level Editor’ mode where you can create your own challenges. Enjoy!

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