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Monkey Go Happy Marathon - an Awesome Fun Interactive Game

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Monkey Go Happy Marathon is another in the awesome series of top fun, interactive, point-and-click puzzle games for kids of all ages that involve the cheering up of a grumpy, teary-eyed monkey and family members, and are designed to make you laugh and feel good about yourself (and perhaps cry a bit too if you cannot find the solution). Here, you have to solve a series of 30 random and wacky mini-game challenges to make the little guy happy. With more levels than ever - and a raft of tricky new puzzles to solve, Monkey Go Happy Marathon truly lives up to its name! It’s an absolute marathon of mouse-clicking, problem-solving fun! Interact with click-able objects, hidden items, and cool animated characters in your quest to turn your pet monkey’s gloomy frown into a beaming smile! Enjoy the eccentric "brass band-style" musical ensemble in the background which adds to the mischievous theme.

This awesome brain teaser game requires plenty of logical thinking, good observation skills, the use of strategy to solve problems, dogged determination, bucket loads of patience, and the elusive vision to "think outside the box". Monkey Go Happy games should prove a hit with fans of highly creative online problem solving activities, and kids / teens who like a good-old interactive puzzle with a twist. If you enjoy playing this game, can you find the original Monkey Go Happy game on our Learn4Good site, as well as multiple other sequels? A very important lesson we can learn from these Monkey Go Happy games is that even a little positive effort and assistance by one person (you!) can make an enormous difference to someone's day and feelings. Try never to forget that, and Good Luck in your daily quest to make the world around you a happier place! Now, there’s no further time to be wistfully pondering and monkeying around – let’s get right into the thick of the difficult problem solving action! Enjoy the adventure!

How to Play: Before you begin this ‘marathon’ of 30 mini puzzles, you have to choose the pet monkey that you want to cheer up. After you click ‘Play’ on the Main Menu screen, click on your preferred monkey of the moment (from 4 different little family members), and click the ‘Continue’ button that appears on the right hand side of the game screen. Next, you have to choose a funky little hat for your monkey to wear. Once you’ve donned some wacky headwear, click on the ‘Start’ button to move to your first challenge. Each level consists of a fun mini-puzzle where you have to interact with the scene and environment through your computer mouse or touchpad.

Your goal in each level is to create a positive outcome that turns your pet monkey from a sad to happy mood (with a grin). For example, in the opening level, you have to quickly click on a fly-catcher plant at the exact moment that a little fly hovers above it. This delights the little monkey, and he or she jumps around the game screen wearing a fresh broad smile, and you happily canter on to the next level. Click and interact with each mini-puzzle in order to unlock all kinds of clues and hidden items.

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