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Free Oil Drilling / Tycoon Game - Oiligarchy

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Get ready to find out all about the slippery business of oil, money and politics in this fun and thought-provoking entrepreneurial adventure. Oiligarchy is a very cool money management strategy game for older kids and teens where you play the role of a big-time Oil Tycoon, and have to earn as much virtual income as possible by drilling down into the land and extracting valuable crude oil. There’s much more to this than just drilling – you have to make political deals, influence world leaders, and maximize profits to succeed. However, if demand for your oil outstrips your production levels – be prepared to hear those dreaded words – “You’re Fired!”

This challenging and addicting big-business simulation game combines large-scale industrial development with money management strategy. Quick reactions and cool decision making are important, as you have to react smartly to market trend changes, and adjust your business plans accordingly. Have you got the business acumen, savvy bargaining skills and determination to succeed in the highly competitive world of oil production? Can you multitask under great pressure, and manage multiple oil fields all at once? Will your "get rich" activities affect the global environment? Will you care? It’s time to find out. Good luck Tycoon!

How to Play: There is a detailed tutorial before the game begins. We recommend that you pay close attention to these instructions, as there are many different aspects to get used to. Your main goal is to remain in charge of your oil drilling company for as long as possible, maximizing virtual profits from drilling for oil into the ground, and under the sea. Your map in the bottom left corner of the game screen indicates the areas of the world where your company can operate. Once the land is available for drilling, Left Click on the Actions Tab at the top of the game screen. Here, you are given a menu of actions that you can carry out.

Before drilling into the ground, you must send out Scouting Missions to make sure there is oil beneath the surface (before you Scout the land, "?" signs are dotted around underneath the earth’s surface). Once these Scouts report back, the Question Marks below the ground disappear, and the location of the oil fields is revealed. Plant a drilling station above an oil field to begin earning profits. Once you are ready to move on to the next stage, click on the Black Arrow in the bottom right corner. This advances time forward one year, and hopefully your profits will have risen.

The Supply and Demand Icon to the right of the game screen indicates how well you are performing. If the Red Demand bar is higher that the Black Supply bar, you are not producing enough oil. Go to different areas on the map, and try to find untapped wells in other countries. Your profit levels are indicated at the bottom of the game screen. Every ten years, an Election is held between the “Donkey Party”, and the “Elephant Party”. The Election pans out like a race on screen. Continuously click on the Party that you think is going to win in order to make donations to that Party. If they are successful, your profits increase as the political party that you backed enacts laws that are favorable to your oil company.

To unlock the areas where it is not yet possible to drill, you have to make deals and set up Missions from the secret bunker underneath the Government Area on the map. Here, you can set up military invasions and other covert missions that open up the oil fields in these areas for you to drill. If you are unsuccessful at your job, and don’t drill enough oil, your company shareholders say the infamous words - "You're Fired", and it's game over! If you grow to be successful, as the years tick by, you start to notice the oil levels dropping. But, how do you replace the oil? A-ha! There’s the moral twist! There is no way to replace the oil you have extracted. Uh oh, so what happens then?

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