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Cool Drag Racing Game Online - Drag Racer V3

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Drag Racer V3 is an exciting, intricate racing game where you have the chance to get behind the wheel of some of the most sought-after cars on the planet. Buy and race some truly great cars straight off the bat, or carefully work your way up, for example, from owning a Honda Accord to a breath-taking Ferrari F50! For those unfamiliar with the term, "drag racing" is the ultimate pastime for fans of powerfully souped-up, magnificently modified sports cars. A drag race is basically an acceleration contest between two drastically-altered cars, usually over a straight, quarter mile ‘drag strip’ track.

Even though drag races are often over in a flash, it takes extreme driving skill and meticulous preparation to give you an edge, and ensure that your car has a shot at victory! Timing is all important as you methodically switch gears for optimum speed, while strategic alterations before the race can give your car that extra boost needed to reach the Checkered Flag first. You don’t have to be a specific fan of drag racing or even an automobile enthusiast to enjoy this awesome exhibition of speed and power. If you’ve got a competitive streak, a will to Win, and a desire to be the Best, you’ll fit right in on the drag racing circuit! The expectant crowd is baying for you to burn some rubber out there, Drag Superstar! Let’s give these people what they turned up for!

How to Play: There are two distinct Game modes to choose from: Arcade Mode, and Uner Mode. In Arcade Mode, you can simply choose any car from a wide range of classic, well-known car manufacturers, and then race it in a once-off drag race against the computer. In Uner Mode, you start off with a more humble model (a Honda, Nissan, or Mazda), and gradually race your way to the top, earning enough ‘Credits’ to purchase high-end cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches.

Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to control your car during a race in Arcade Mode: Spacebar = Accelerate; Up & Down Arrows = Change gear. Keeping your finger on Spacebar is essential to maintaining speed, but changing gears at the correct time is the tricky part. If you remain in a low gear for too long, your engine overheats, and you automatically lose the race. Keep an eye on the different dials on the dashboard. If the red light is blinking, that means you need to go up a gear. Likewise, if the temperature gauge is too high (into the red indicator), quickly move up a gear.

In Uner Mode, you have to choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels. In Easy Mode, the controls are exactly the same as in Arcade Mode. In Medium Mode, you have to take your finger off the Spacebar in order to change gears. In Hard Mode, you have to change gears manually using your computer mouse or touchpad by clicking and dragging the gearstick to your desired gear (indicated in the bottom right corner of the game screen). Also in Uner Mode, you can place ‘Wagers’ on each of your races. Use the ‘Credits’ earned from these wagers (and ‘Tourney’ wins) to purchase upgrades for your car, or to purchase new and better cars. Have a good day down at the track!

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