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1 & 2-Player Racing Game Online - Freewheeling Friends

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Freewheeling Friends is a very quaint and charming racing and reactions game with 1 and 2 player modes. Racing on an old-timey bicycle or soapbox cart, you must dodge and weave around obstacles on a side-scrolling countryside path, and try to reach the finish line in as fast a time as possible. Pit your wits against the track and timer in 1 Player mode, or play against a friend in a competitive 2 player race!

Reasons to play this fun, push-bike racing game: Exercise your reaction skills and competitive side. If you like showing off how sharp your gameplay reaction skills are in a fun and exciting racing environment, but would prefer to dodge the metal crunching, crashing and fuel guzzling mayhem of most online racing games, then this relaxing game could be right up your street!

Strategy to win: Nimble keyboard and finger dexterity skills, sharp hand-eye coordination skills, and fast reflexes are all vitally important here. Reaction speed is the key to victory in either mode. Be mindful of the many upcoming obstacles on the side-scrolling pathway.

How to Play: A Flash-based, bike / racing game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In One Player Mode, you must try to reach the Finish Line as fast as you can while avoiding all obstacles in each of the 6 levels. Two Player Mode is a simple split-screen race against a best friend playing on the same computer.

In One Player Mode, control your racer with the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard: Right Arrow = Accelerate; Left Arrow = Brake; Up Arrow = Move upwards on the track; Down Arrow = Move downwards on the track. Collect the turtles found randomly along the path (to freeze the clock for one second). Try to reach the Finish Line as fast as you can. If you collide with an obstacle (pothole, rock, ball etc), you lose one life from your Energy Bar at the top of the play area. If all of your Energy lives are lost, you must Replay the level.

In Two Player Mode, Player 1 (at the top) uses the Arrow Keys, while Player 2 (at the bottom) uses the WASD Keys. Whoever reaches the Finish Line first is the winner. However, you can lose Energy Lives just like in One Player Mode, so try to avoid all obstacles during the race.

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