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Duck Skill-based Game to Play - Duck Life 2

Rating: 8.8/10 - 1301 votes

Coach a little duckling to become a world-class athlete! Yes, that's right! Duck Life 2 is a wildly-eccentric and epic fun upgrade-based skill game where you have to prepare a cute yellow duck chick to enter competitive races by improving its running, flying, swimming, and climbing skills! You play the role of the ‘Master Duck Trainer’, and have to put your miniature athlete through its paces in 4 awesome mini-games that act as training sessions within the main racing game. You must carefully and meticulously build up the little duck's sporting attributes step-by-step, level-by-level until it’s at the stage where it can take on the big boys! Once you believe that your new prodigy is ready and willing to enter competitive action, you let Duckling attempt to win races against computer-controlled opponents.

This innovative, and highly-entertaining sequel to the original "Duck Life" game combines good strategy, dogged determination, and plenty of trial and error as you strive to get your duck to the top of the competitive rankings. Be prepared however to devote some quality time and commitment to your new charge – It requires constant training if Duckling wants to consistently improve. This game also requires good hand-eye coordination and alert keyboard tapping skills to avoid fast approaching obstacles if you want to get the most out of each training session / mini-game. Can you help this adorable little duck become the world’s most respected animal athlete? Right then, whistle ready, let’s get training!

How to Play: Transform your duck into a World Champion athlete. This can only be done by winning all 15 standard races – and then the Final Championship race. There are 5 race locations: Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii, and Japan. Each location has 3 standard races that your duck must win in order to progress. However, your duck has no chance of winning races unless it is well trained. On the main dashboard screen, you can see the attribute levels for your duck’s Energy, Running, Flying, Climbing, and Swimming indicated in the top left corner of the game screen. Next to these, there are options to ‘Enter Race’, ‘Train Running’, ‘Train Climbing’ ‘Train Swimming’, and ‘Train Flying’.

Each ‘training session’ acts as a side-scrolling mini game where Duckling has to collect coins and avoid obstacles, and survive for as long as possible. The longer Duckling survives in each mini-game, the more ‘level-ups / EXP points’ you achieve for that particular attribute. In ‘Swimming Training’, your duck paddles along automatically, but you must avoid any obstacles by diving under them (Down Arrow), and jumping over them (Up Arrow). In ‘Climbing Training’, Duck automatically climbs up a steep cliff face, and then must leap from one side to the other to avoid obstacles (using the Left and Right Arrows). In ‘Flying Training’, Duckling is launched through the air, and must remain airborne for as long as possible using the Up and Down Arrow Keys. In ‘Running Training’, Duckling leaps over oncoming spherical objects as they approach from the right hand side of the play area (To jump, press the Up Arrow on your computer keyboard).

Once you feel that Duckling is trained well enough, you can enter it into the first race (Scotland is the only unlocked location at the beginning of the game). Bear in mind that you cannot control your duck during races, you simply have to sit back and hope all of the hard training has worked. If Duckling does win, the next race is unlocked, and you receive a 50 coin bonus. These coins can be used to purchase ‘Seed’ on the main dashboard screen. This Seed increases Duckling’s Energy Level, which means it can last longer in races. There are ‘Level Caps’ where your little duck can only reach a maximum level (e.g. 20). When this happens, you must go to the ‘Shop’ and purchase an ‘upgrade’ which lifts the max level lid by 10 (for example, you might be stuck on Level 20, but purchasing an upgrade will allow you to train up to Level 30, and so on). Have you also played the original Duck Life game on Learn4Good!

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