Online empire strategy games/ building games free to play with no download: The Empire 2 Game, is an epic medieval flash game for battle strategy enthusiasts - kids & teens (boys/ girls) & youth. Military games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, fun action games, cool tower defense strategy games like Imperium..
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The Empire 2 - Online Strategy / Empire Building Game

Rating: 8.5/10 - 1239 votes

A once-great Kingdom has fallen into ruin, evil enemy forces are gaining in strength, and hope is draining from the disheartened people! They are crying out for a new Leader. Without a bright, strategic mind in control of the Empire, this could well spell the end of peace and prosperity in our time! The Empire 2 is a dramatic and in-depth resource management and civilization building game where you have to use good organization and strategy to carefully construct your very own medieval empire! Beginning with humble farmhouses and simple stone masons, you must slowly build your kingdom into a feared realm full of powerful soldiers, intimidating castles, and endless resources. Build a reputation for being ruthless in your quest to conquer all before you!

This immensely-detailed strategy game is reminiscent of classic medieval adventure titles such as Imperium and Goodgame Empire, with building and battling action to the fore. Get ready to immerse yourself in an exciting world of swordsmen, archers, marketplaces, castles, and a dignified sense of honor and courage! Although The Empire 2 is set in a medieval environment, you can still acquire some very valuable modern-life skills such as good income management, resource supply and demand management, and the ability to make important decisions quickly while under the great pressure that leadership brings with it. Do you possess the shrewd strategic brain to become the all-seeing, all-knowing leader that this wannabe Empire so badly craves for? Old World domination is at your fingertips – it’s time to fulfill your Destiny!

How to Play: There are two different game modes to choose from; Campaign Mode & Deathmatch Mode. In Campaign Mode, you have to successfully reach achievement levels, one-by-one, in a slow and steady journey to building up your empire and expanding around the world. In Deathmatch Mode, you have to build and manage your resources quickly before enemy forces attack your civilization in an epic battle. In all forms of the game, use your computer mouse or touchpad to execute the controls.

The first key aspect of controlling your empire is to construct basic buildings and facilities. Your main castle is already in place, so you must build these additional facilities around it. Click on the ‘Build’ Icon in the bottom left corner of the game screen to reveal a tab of possible buildings. These include houses, farms, marketplaces, iron foundries, and other essential constructions. The 5 key resources that your empire needs are indicated along the top of the game screen. These are; Gold, Food, Wood, Iron, and Stone. Each building costs a certain amount of these resources to construct. If you have sufficient resources, click on the building of your choice, and click on the area of the landscape where you want it to be built. Certain buildings can only be constructed in specific locations; eg: a lumber yard can only be built close to a forest. As you construct these basic buildings, they add automatically to your resources at the top of the game screen.

Once you have all of the basic buildings in place, it’s time to build up your army. For this, you need to build a ‘Barracks’. Once this is built (there are certain conditions that must be met, including the existence of a Blacksmith, before a Barracks can be built), you can click on the ‘Training’ tab to enroll local peasants into your army, and train them to become skilled soldiers, archers etc. Once you have a respectably-sized army, you can engage enemy forces in battle. Your goal in these battles is to successfully defeat all enemy soldiers, and destroy their castle. You command your troops by clicking on them, and then clicking on the area you want them to march toward. The better-trained your army is, the longer your troops survive in battle (It also helps if you have trained more recruits than the enemy).

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