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Find the Hidden Objects Game - Lost Treasures of Petra

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Use eagle-eyed observation skills to help a top archaeological team find special hidden artifacts in a race against the clock! Lost Treasures of Petra is a challenging hidden object-based puzzle game where you must point and click on various items identified as important by your archaeologist associates. Delving into the ruins around the historical city of Petra, you must complete a range of sleuthing tasks including finding hidden objects, using your magnifying glass, picking out hidden letters, and more.

Background info: Petra (also known as Rose City) is a real-life historical attraction in southern Jordan in the Middle East. The city is famous for its rock-cut architecture, with amazing buildings and caves carved beautifully out of the rock face.

Skills required: Sharp concentration and observation skills are naturally essential in this fun and interactive visual puzzle as you attempt to quickly find and eliminate the identified key items from the play area. Fast reactions and accurate mouse-clicking skills are also important – The faster you find the objects; the more points you score.

How to Play: A Flash-based, hidden object puzzle game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the increasingly-challenging levels, your task is to find and eliminate all of the items indicated by your archaeologist colleagues at the bottom of the play area. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the item in order to eliminate it from the play area. The faster you find an item, the more ‘Hearts’ you collect (Each object-requesting team member begins with three hearts, and these fall away one-by-one as time elapses).

Most levels are simple, point-and-click challenges. However, there is one ‘Find the Letters’ level where you search for alphabet letters hidden within the game screen. There are also ‘Magnifying Glass’ levels where you can only display certain hidden objects by moving your magnifying glass over them.

Secret Tip: When you complete the game, you may have the chance to play a bonus match 3 gem puzzle mini-game – depending on how well you performed in the main game.

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