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Fun Clean Up Game for Kids - Pop Top Pups

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Let's clean up the park with some puppy power! Pop Top Pups is a fun, heart-warming, puppy dog-based, clean it up skill game where you must guide cute terrier puppies around the game screen, picking up as many bottle caps (pop tops) and other useful items as you can before the clock runs out. Featuring enjoyable 1 player and 2 player modes, you must jazz the eager pups around each field, carefully collecting the bottle caps while avoiding contact with other animals such as rabbits and gophers.

Reasons to play this light-hearted pet patrol and clean up challenge: If you are a dog or pet lover, you should hopefully really enjoy the opportunity to guide little terrier pups in a fun, playful environment. This fun game may also be used as a good educational exercise about litter and the environment or a simple hand-eye coordination activity or a fun teamwork-based activity online in two-player mode.

Strategy to win: Sharp reaction speed, hand-eye coordination and keyboard control skills under time pressure are important as you guide your dog around the game screen, scooping up bottle caps at pace whilst avoiding collisions. Observation, focus and concentration skills also come into play as you attempt to pick out the blue and red bottle caps against the clutter of leaves and other park objects. You constantly have an ‘overhead’ view of the action, so keep your eyes peeled for bottle caps!

Some background information: Molly and Emily, two girls from the 19th century, are given two terrier pups for their birthdays. Molly calls hers ‘Bennett’, while Emily calls hers ‘Yank’. Emily is Molly’s British friend, and ‘Yank’ is an affectionate nickname that the English gave to Americans at the time.

How to Play: A Flash-based, clean it up skill game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In One Player Mode, you must collect a target number of bottle caps before the clock runs out in order to progress through 8 levels with an ‘overhead’ view at all times.

Your puppy trots along automatically, and you can change its direction by pressing the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Try to avoid contact with the rabbits and gophers. If you come into contact with one, you lose one Energy Bead. Once all 3 of your dog's Energy Beads are lost, you must Re-play the level.

There are two different game types in Two Player Mode: Friendly Mode or Versus Mode. In Friendly Mode, you and a best friend or family member (playing on the same computer) work together to collect bottle caps against the clock, just like in One Player Mode. In Versus Mode, you must only collect the bottle caps that correspond to the color of your dog’s collar. Player 1 (blue) uses the Arrow Keys to move, and collects blue caps, while Player 2 (red) uses the Z and X Keys and collects the red caps. Earn points for each correct bottle cap collected, but lose points for collecting a cap of the wrong color. The player with the most points when the clock runs out is the winner.

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