Fun guitar game online for kids, free rock guitar typing game to play now with no download: Guitar Geek game, is a cool flash electric guitar simulation game & music typing activity for children/ teens (girls/ boys) to practice their keyboarding skills on PC, Mac at home online. Fun new learning to type activities.
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Fun Guitar / Typing Game Online - Guitar Geek

Rating: 7.6/10 - 858 votes

Calling all want-to-be guitar heroes! Have you got the keyboard-tapping speed and radical rock and roll attitude to succeed in a difficult typing challenge? Guitar Geek is a fun, interactive music-based typing game where you have to play along to 6 different hard rock tunes by hitting the notes at the correct time using your computer keyboard! Graduate from Novice all the way up to ‘Geek’ level as you rock your way through a whole host of speaker-smashing riffs and ear-melting solos!

You don’t have to be an electric guitar virtuoso or even a casual music fan to enjoy the frantic, fast-paced action here! Timing is absolutely the key as you try to pinpoint the exact moment to hit each note / press each key. Concentration is also extremely important – one tiny little slip in your performance levels could result in the crowd booing you off stage; every performer's ultimate nightmare! If you complete all 5 songs on ‘Geek’ difficulty, you can really dare to dream of a place in the pantheon of guitar greats alongside names such as Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joe Satriani..! Happy guitar shredding – and try not to hit any ‘bum notes’!

How to Play: Note: Once the game initially loads, click on the blue ‘Continue’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to proceed. There are 6 unique instrumental guitar songs that can be attempted in four increasingly challenging difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, Hard, and Geek. For first time players, we recommend starting on Easy difficulty! Your goal is to reach the end of the song with your ‘Performance Bar’ above the halfway mark. To keep your Performance Bar high, you have to hit the correct notes at the right time using your computer keyboard.

As a song plays, the specific notes that you have to hit scroll down the guitar’s ‘fret board’ along the left side of the game screen. Once a descending note reaches either the A, S, D or F icon at the bottom of the fret board, you have to press the corresponding key at that exact moment. The harder the difficulty, the more notes you have to play, and the faster they scroll down the fret board. As an alternative to the ASDF Keys, you can also play the 1234 Keys, or HJKL Keys. If you consistently hit the correct notes, your Performance Bar in the center of the game screen remains above the magic halfway marker. If the Performance Bar is above half way when the song finishes, you ‘pass’. However, if you miss notes and / or hit incorrect notes, your Performance Bar decreases, and you ‘fail’, and are unfortunately "booed off" at the end of the song!

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