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Fun Hotel Game Online - Bed and Breakfast 3

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Have you got the personality, customer service skills, diligence, and determined hospitality-driven mindset to be a successful bed and breakfast (B&B) business owner? Bed and Breakfast 3 is a fun and challenging, hospitality management tycoon game for kids & high school teens where you take over the running of a busy bed and breakfast-style discount hotel. As owner, manager, main customer service person, and general all-round multi-tasking employee in the establishment, you must race around checking in guests, attending to customers, serving breakfasts, and much more (including literally putting out fires). Your job here, as with most real-life businesses, is to make enough money to reach your daily targets!

This fast-paced, mouse-controlled, customer service simulation game requires really quick reactions and good visual awareness. You have a range of impatient customers expecting very prompt service in all areas of your BnB, so you need to be completely focused and alert, urgently whizzing from one task to another. Good time management and strategy planning are vitally important skills required of any entrepreneur – the faster your customers are served, the happier they'll be. Simple, right?

This should prove to be a good fun and tricky activity for any players who enjoy challenging tycoon and customer service-based games, especially anyone interested in one day working in the busy hospitality industry. Are you ready to knuckle down, and get some serious hotel management work done?

How to Play: The game play is point-and-click. There are two distinct game modes to choose from: Challenge Mode, and Free Play. In Challenge Mode, you must hit virtual monetary targets each ‘game day’ in order to progress to the next level. In ‘Free Play’, there are no targets, and you can simply play purely for the fun of it. Once you have chosen your game mode, we recommend that you follow the step-by-step tutorial that follows on the game interface.

Your job in Bed and Breakfast 3 is essentially to figure out who needs service, in what order, and to keep those customers happy by attending to their needs as quickly as you can. Click on the area where a customer is waiting in order to serve him / her. For example, if a customer is waiting at the check-in desk, click on the desk to assign him / her to a room.

If a customer is waiting in the breakfast / restaurant room, click on the kitchen to quickly cook that person's breakfast. Other duties include bringing luggage to rooms, cleaning rooms, breaking up customer "arguments", and extinguishing fires! (And this is all before any additional upgrades are added to the hotel.)

In Challenge Mode, you must earn enough virtual income to reach the monetary target (indicated in the bottom left corner of the play area). This target must be reached before the clock reaches 21.00 hours (in the top left corner). In between each level, you can use virtual income earned to purchase a wide range of upgrades for your accommodation service. Upgrades can bring in more money, but they also mean more responsibility and work for you!

Tip: If there are two or more customers / areas that need urgent attending, you can click on them rapidly in sequence, and your character will tend to them more quickly (red and white 1, 2, 3 number icons appear). This is a more efficient way of working than completing each job individually. Right then, good luck with your business venture!

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