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Retail Management Simulation Game - Multishop Tycoon

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Have you got the shrewd business sense and entrepreneurial skills to become a successful retail magnate? Multishop Tycoon is a cute, challenging and in-depth retail management game (for kids, high school students & college / business students) where your goal is to make it from a modest street vendor to a business mogul with giant megastores in every area of town!

Background info: After saving the son of legendary retail magnate "Mr. Richie" from a car accident, your character is made the young-faced CEO of Mr. Richie's new "start-up" venture. This is the amazing opportunity you have been waiting for. Now, grasp it with both hands and heart!

Beginning with a single van selling strawberries and coffee at the side of the street, you must exhibit the smart business strategy and savvy expansion policies of a real tycoon in order to slowly grow your start-up enterprise into a city-wide success!

This highly interactive, business-building simulation game should prove a good, fun activity for any bright young minds and budding entrepreneurs out there with a keen eye for making deals and taking decisive action. Learning about and respecting the basic (yet increasingly often overlooked) skill of providing great customer service is vitally important to your future success in most aspects of business and industry.

Good vision, strategic planning, money management, and decision making are also essential traits required if you want to be a success in either this virtual world or in the real business world. Are you ready to take a first step toward tycoon success?

How to Play: Once the game loads, click on the yellow ‘Play’ button at the bottom of the game screen. When the Main Menu Screen loads, click the ‘Play’ icon in the center, and then select ‘New Game’. From here, we strongly recommend that you follow the detailed tutorial described by Jake, your assistant.

There are 5 different regions in ‘Cardial Town’, and your objective is to dominate each region with a range of stores, carts, and income generating outlets (The regions are: Hill, School, Beach, Ship, and Market). There is also a Town Center, where you can visit the bank, visit your office, and more.

You begin your retail career in the ‘Hill’ region. Purchase your first stand (stall) by clicking on the yellow areas in the center of the Hill area. You begin the game with 4000 G (gold). This can be used to purchase your first few stands. Once a stand is set up, click on it to change what you offer, and how much you charge for the items.

When you are ready to begin selling, click on the ‘Start Day’ button in the top right corner of the game screen. Potential customers walk past your stands, and hopefully stop by to purchase some of your goods. At the end of each working day, you are shown a report on how your business is doing. You must pass various tasks in order to progress through ‘levels’. These tasks include ‘Purchase your first stand’, ‘Sell three items per day’, etc. Naturally, the tasks become more challenging as you progress / as your business continues to grow. Enjoy the challenge and the hard work!

Note: The game interface does contain some grammatically-poor wording in English yet the theme and flow of the game remain unaffected. The business world is full of broken English, so entrepreneurs of the future won't mind such minor details. The fun practice, goal and process is all that matters.

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