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A fun and easy-to-play game of two levels for younger kids, Kirby is a straight-forward, platform-based flying game where you must guide Kirby – an adorable pink ball with flying capability – through two rolling and continuous levels. Based on the popular Nintendo computer game and anime character of the same name, Kirby is a small, ball-shaped creature with extraordinary abilities - such as the ability to inhale objects, and then expel them with great force. This cute little sphere can also suck in the air, self-inflate, and float around almost like a balloon in order to avoid oncoming obstacles. You must harness these attributes, and use them to carefully navigate Kirby through two levels filled with pesky baddies, challenging jumps, gold star collectibles, deep ravines, and more.

This relaxing arcade game could be used as a fun online activity for young children / elementary school age kids to help develop their motor skills and reaction speed. Good hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and savvy keyboard tapping are all important skills that you need to display if you want to become a ‘Kirby-controller’ expert. Happy floating!

How to Play: Your objective in each of the two ledge-filled levels is to carefully guide Kirby from the starting point to the black ‘Finish’ door at the end of the level. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to shuffle Kirby along from side to side, and press Spacebar to jump. Press the Down arrow to contract (make Kirby shorter). While on the ground, press and hold the Alt key to suck in air (and subsequently, any bad guys that come within range). If Kirby has successfully sucked a bad guy into its mouth, press the Alt Key once more in order to expel that bad guy out as a missile. Press your Up Arrow to float Kirby up into the air. Once airborne, you can control Kirby as normal using the Arrow Keys (press the Alt Key to exit flight mode).

Once you reach the black door at the end of the level, press the Up Arrow to progress to the next level. The two levels repeat continuously in a loop, so you can play for as long as you like! Each time you enter a level, try to do more actions such as eliminate all of the bad guys, collect all of the gold star blocks, and avoid getting hit etc. If Kirby falls into the abyss on the outer edges of the main island, it’s game over, so take great care when in flight!

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