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F1 Team Manager Simulation Game - Grand Prix Tycoon

Rating: 8.4/10 - 1105 votes

Attention all avid fans of Formula 1 racing – have you ever dreamed of running your very own race team? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Grand Prix Tycoon is an awesome, in-depth racing car management simulation game where you play the role of the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-fixing race team manager - a master multi-tasker! You are in control of absolutely every aspect of running a successful Formula 1 organization; from choosing your driver, engine type, tires, engineers, and backroom staff – to actually controlling when your car takes a pit stop in the middle of the race!

This amazingly-detailed online management activity requires you to make snap competitive decisions on the track as well as shrewd administration decisions off of it! Money management and profit making strategies also have to be taken into account as your team’s "billionaire benefactor" keeps a close eye on your performance. While there are very specific racing decisions and car manufacturing judgments to be made, you can also learn real life skills about the organization of employees or team members, being immersed in big business, the challenge of multitasking requirements, and the making of important decisions under a lot of pressure! What’s more, your keyboard skills also come into play as you get ‘hands-on’ during qualifying and pit stops! Ok Top Race Manager, it’s time to set your car up for success! It’s all in the detail, the approach, and the delivery!

How to Play: (Note: After you click ‘New Game’, the game interface may ask you if it can store extra memory. Click ‘Allow’ to proceed.)

Having been appointed Team Manager of a wealthy F1 racing team, you are straight-away given $2 million in virtual funds to spend on getting a car ready for the new season. First, you have to select a driver for your car; better drivers command a more lucrative weekly fee! Click on the driver of your choice using your computer mouse or touchpad, and click the ‘Next’ button in the bottom right corner of the game screen (this ‘Next’ button appears frequently, and is always your gateway to the next stage of the game). Then, you have to decide how much you want to spend on equipment and training for your pit crew. The higher quality of equipment and training, the Better your car is likely to perform.

Next, you have to decide how much to spend on the engineering side of your mean machine. There are 6 different areas you can improve your car (brakes, tyres, engine, turbo, chassis & aerodynamics). Click on the + and – buttons beside each icon to increase your spending on each of the 6 areas. Next, you have to choose your ‘Pit Girl’. The more you pay the Pit Girls, the higher your team morale is. Finally, you have to set up your race car by purchasing different units for each part of the car. Click on one of the 6 icons on the left of the game screen, then choose the type of unit that you want to install (a choice of two appears on the right side menu), and finally click ‘Fit Selected’ to add this unit to your car.

You are now ready for the qualifying round. Here, you guide your car around each corner manually by pressing the corresponding key that appears on the game screen each time your car approaches a corner. The faster you press the key, the quicker your lap time will be. If you press the incorrect key, your car crashes out, and you start the race from the back of the grid. During the actual race, keep an eye on the fuel levels of your car at the left of the game screen. If fuel levels are critically low, click the ‘Pit Stop’ button to bring your car in for a service. The pit stop follows the same procedure as the qualifying – you have to press corresponding keys that appear on the game screen. Depending on the performance of your car in each race, you earn virtual funds which can be used to improve the car in between each race.

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