Free monkey game online for kids (girls & boys) to play now with no download: Monkey Go Happy game, a funny online puzzle activity & interactive brain teaser exercise for kids/ teens. Puzzle games for PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, logic problems for children, funny brain games for elementary/ middle school kids.
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Fun, Interactive Online Puzzle Game - Monkey Go Happy

Rating: 8.7/10 - 644 votes

You may not know this but keeping a monkey happy is pretty hard work, and often head-scratchingly difficult! Monkey Go Happy is a fun, interactive online puzzle game for both young & older kids where you have to keep an unhappy little monkey entertained and amused by performing a series of tricky mouse-clicking tasks. Your pet primate Maurice is having a very bad day, and is becoming upset and teary-eyed about almost everything he encounters. The only way to turn his awful frown into a broad, teeth-filled cheeky grin is to complete a variety of challenging problem-solving levels designed to test your brain, observation & concentration skills, adaptability, reflexes, accuracy, mouse-clicking speed, and more!

This highly unusual and enjoyable point-and-click brainteaser requires an inquisitive mind as it is initially unclear how to make Maurice happy in each level. Try to find the solution to a range of random challenges that include mazes, cannon shooting tasks, object finding tasks, picture puzzles, balloon popping exercises, and more. Making someone happy is one of the greatest natural gifts you can give, but making a cute monkey happy is really neat too! Are you ready to transform Maurice’s mood, and really make his day? Happy problem solving and Good Luck!

How to Play: At the start of each level, your pet monkey is getting tearful. You have to make sure he doesn’t cry for long by completing a straight-forward mouse-clicking task. These challenges do not follow any real pattern or test the same skills one after the other. For example, you might have to light a match, and set off a firework (Maurice loves when you make cool stuff happen). In another level, you may have to collect all of the mushrooms on the game screen by simply clicking on them.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to complete all of the different challenges. Some levels are trickier in that you have to perform a series of interactive mouse-clicking exercises in a particular sequence (such as the loading and firing of a cannon). Sometimes you have to keep the mouse cursor very still as you trace along a winding maze, while at other times, you simply have to shoot at moving objects with a carnival-style air rifle.

There are all sorts of wacky levels to complete. Each time you solve a problem, Maurice rewards you with a great big smile! When this happens, click on the red and yellow flashing arrows in the bottom right corner of the game screen to progress to the next challenge. If you get stuck, click on the circular red arrow at the top of the game screen to reset the level. Keep an eye on the Timer Score in the top right corner. Starting at 50,000 points, this total slowly counts down until you have completed all 15 levels. Enjoy!

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