Play Monkey Go Happy 2 game free online with no download: Funny monkey game & online puzzle activity for kids (girls & boys) to play now & highly interactive brain teaser exercise. Logic problems for young children online, problem solving games for PC, Mac, iPad for elementary/middle school kids.
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Fun, Interactive Online Puzzle Game - Monkey Go Happy 2

Rating: 8.5/10 - 690 votes

Prepare yourself for a series of challenging point-and-click online puzzle exercises that test your observation & concentration skills, visual problem solving ability, adaptability, quick reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, mouse-clicking speed, and more. Monkey Go Happy 2 is a continuation of the Monkey Go Happy compilation of funny mini-games where you have to solve a series of intricate mouse-clicking brain teaser puzzles in order to cheer up sad little monkeys (this time two). Being in charge of entertaining and amusing two cute little cartoon primates may sound like an absolutely amazing job, but when those monkeys are easily upset, and likely to start crying at any second – the task becomes all the more difficult and urgent to solve! Maurice the Monkey and his tiny little son Moe are very cranky at the best of times, and only through your own awesome skill in solving 15 random point-and-click brain teasers can their frowns be turned into broad, teeth-filled grins!

This unusual and original puzzle game for kids of all ages requires a very inquisitive mind, and the ability to ‘think outside the box’ in order to find the solution. Some of the mini-puzzles require you to click on a set of objects in sequence, while others test your mouse-clicking speed and accuracy. There are even classic-style arcade games for you to play as you strive to impress the adorable yet moody little monkeys! Have you the determination and skills to wipe away their tears for good? Happy problem solving! (Also, can you find the original Monkey Go Happy game, Monkey Go Happy 3, and a few others in the series of funny monkey mini-games on this site? They are certainly worth playing!)

How to Play: In each of the 15 challenging mini-game levels (stages), your goal is to solve the puzzle, and make the two little monkeys smile. Use your computer mouse or touchpad to click and interact with objects in each level. Try to solve each puzzle in as few moves as possible as your clicks are monitored along the top of the game screen. You earn larger points totals for completing levels with fewer clicks. Each level requires you to perform a relatively simple mouse clicking task to solve the puzzle or fix the situation. This might include cutting the ties to a hot air balloon, completing a space-invaders style arcade game, lighting a fire with sticks, and other random activities.

In some tasks, you have to complete the level by clicking on objects in sequence in order to set off a chain reaction of events. Other levels have hidden object-style clues to uncover, while there are also simple shooting / accuracy challenges. Note: You don’t have to play the levels in sequence from 1-15. You can choose any level you like on the Main Menu Screen. If you get stuck on any level, click on the circular arrow in the top left corner of the game screen to return to the Main Menu. Complete levels 1-15 in order to unlock the Final Stage! Good luck!

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