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Physics Bomb Game Online - Blockoomz 2015

Rating: 7.2/10 - 70 votes

You control the button; you control the outcome! Blockoomz 2015 is a highly interactive, challenging and explosive physics and reactions-based puzzle game. Here, you must utilize smart strategy, excellent timing and smooth mouse control to blast ‘bad guy’ pink, black and grey bombs off of the game screen while simultaneously protecting the ‘good guy’ yellow bombs from harm. As Chief Bomb Expert, you must carefully decide when and where to execute each explosion.

This highly-stimulating, point-and-click arcade game requires very good analytical problem solving and creative engineering skills as you attempt to generate sufficient momentum and interaction to knock some bombs off and out of the play area. Levels are filled with platform-style hindrances as well as bombs positioned in awkward places, so a certain amount of learning through good-old trial and error is essential. A basic understanding of the effects of physics on a "suddenly disorderly environment" is also important – For example, bombs are certain to be flying through the air!

Now, let’s see how well you remain cool, calm and collected under intense pressure in this tricky, incendiary challenge!

How to Play: In each of the 30 increasingly-difficult levels, your objective is to eliminate all of the ‘Bad guy’ bombs (Pink, Grey, and Black bombs) while shielding the ‘Good guys’ (Yellow bombs). In order to eliminate a bad guy bomb, it must either be moved out of the confines of the game screen or simply blown up.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on a Pink bomb to instantly cause it to explode. Black bombs only explode when they are impacted with or if they feel the force of an explosion. Grey bombs cannot be blown up but rather have to be pushed out of the game zone through the force of explosions or by being knocked off of their ledges by other bombs. Yellow ‘Good guy’ bombs must be protected at all cost! If any yellow bombs are eliminated from the game zone, you fail the level.

In each level, there is a recommended ‘Par’ number of clicks (indicated in the bottom right corner of the play area). This Par score simply acts as a guideline; you have an unlimited number of clicks in each level. If you score on or under par, you earn Gold Stars toward your total. To Re-start a level at any time, click on the circular arrow in the top right corner of the game screen. Enjoy the "controlled" action!

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