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An absolutely outrageous mash-up of fast golf play, wacky sprinting characters, eccentric obstacle-filled courses, and enough sporting madness to fill a whole PGA Tour season, Turbo Golf really is golf as you’ve never seen it before! You definitely don’t have to be an everyday golf fan to enjoy the fast-paced action here. This is a challenging and intense online crazy golf game that does stick to a conventional rule of golf – i.e. Get the ball in the pin hole. However, speed is an added (and very important) element here; the amount of time it takes you to putt the ball is also taken into account when the scores are totted up at the end of each hole. You play the role of a questionably-dressed ‘speed golfer’, and have to defeat your playing partners by scoring the most points over 9 wacky holes. These are no ordinary golf holes either! Prepare yourself to face ball-snatching crocodiles, shot-stopping zombies, bunker-dwelling monsters, and a whole load of other improbable obstacles to overcome!

Fast mouse-clicking reflexes, expert timing, precision accuracy, and coolness personified under pressure are all key attributes if you want to be a Turbo Golf Champion. Your decision making skills are also put under the spotlight – do you go for the ambitious drive or play safe? Choosing suitable upgrades as you progress is another way to add skillful strings to your golfing bow. Fans of competitive arcade games as well as sporting activity types can all join in the fun! Are you ready to tee it up for the wildest golf round of your life? "FORE"!

How to Play: In Turbo Golf, you take part in 9-hole tournaments against three computer-controlled players. Your goal on each hole is to get your ball into the distant pin hole in as few shots as possible, and in as fast a time as possible. At the end of each hole, points are awarded to each player depending on their performance (4 points for the best player, 1 point for the worst player etc). For each shot you take, 5 seconds is added to your overall score. For example – if you take 30 seconds and 5 shots to complete a hole, your score will be 55 (30 + 5 shots X 5 seconds). The player with the lowest overall score at the end of a hole receives the maximum 4 points. At the end of the 9 holes, the player with the most points is the Winner.

Use your computer mouse or touchpad to execute a shot. Aim using your mouse cursor – a white target line appears indicating the direction of your shot. A ‘Power Bar’ quickly moves from minimum power to maximum power at the bottom of the game screen. In order to hit a powerful shot, you need to click your mouse when the Power Bar is at its highest point. The better your timing, the further your ball travels through the air. Just as in real life golf play, you have to contend with the hilly, rolling terrain, sand traps, and water hazards. However, unlike real golf, you could run into some unusual obstacles and distractions such as roaming zombies, Godzilla creatures, crocodiles, and more (Some struggling pro golfers might well argue with that point!).

In between each hole, you have the option to upgrade your equipment. Use virtual income earned through good hole performances (finishing quickly, collecting coins, hitting moles etc) to purchase upgrades for your Driver, Irons, Putter, Shoes, Balls, and Hat. You can also buy individual, once-off upgrades such as spin control, extra power, smaller power bar, etc. Enjoy the experience!

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