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Railroad Puzzle Game - Railroad Tycoon 3

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Build a railroad track as fast as you can from tile pieces in an intense, interactive puzzle game. In Railroad Tycoon 3, you must quickly assemble a workable train track pathway for an imminent locomotive to make it safely all the way to the next station. A 3-carriage freight train is already on its merry way – however, no one has told the driver that the tracks ahead are yet to be completed! However, that’s where you come in to save the day!

This challenging, construction-based brain teaser for older kids & teens is all about your decision making process and quick reaction speed. In your essential role as ‘super fast railroad constructor’, you must smartly build a smooth, continuous path for the train using the randomly jumbled track sections available on the left side of the grid. Multi-tasking and creative engineering skills also come into play as you try to expertly plan ahead. You can also demolish sections of your track as you progress, as you encounter more complex routes and tricky obstacles to your building process. This means you must smartly re-arrange areas of your track, connect corner sections in advance, plan for more than one possible route, and more. Also, the pressure of knowing that the train is just seconds away is always on your mind!

How to Play: In each of the 7 progressively more difficult levels, your goal is to build a track that carries your train from its original tunnel to the ‘Station’. These two areas are on opposite sides of the game area, and you have to connect them using the random track sections (tiles) displayed on the left hand side of the play zone. At the beginning of each level, you’ve only got 12 precious seconds before the train appears, so you need to have a clear strategy from the outset.

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click and drag a track section onto the game grid, and release the click once the section is in your desired position. There is a countdown timer above the train’s initiating tunnel. Once the train enters your track, you have an unlimited amount of time to get it to the station – provided it doesn’t crash! Avoid early crashes by sorting out the first few grid pieces. Your mouse movement needs to be very quick and accurate here as you will almost certainly be building under pressure in each level.

You have 3 lives at the beginning of each run. If your automatically-moving train comes off the tracks, or crashes into the sides of the game grid, you lose a life. However, the work you have done up to that point remains in place. Once all of your lives are used, you have to restart the level with none of your construction work in place (the level resets). At the beginning of each level, you have three bombs which you can use to demolish sections of track that might be obstructing your progress. Simply click and drag a bomb onto the interfering track section in order to eliminate it from the grid. If you are very confident that your track is perfect, you can click on the ‘Fast’ button on the left hand side in order to speed up the train. Good luck solving this addicting puzzler!

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