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Top Rugby Union Game Online - England Academy Rugby

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Calling all online rugby game and top football sports simulation game enthusiasts! England Academy Rugby is an amazingly in-depth, awesomely-challenging and realistic virtual rugby union game where you have to master 6 essential rugby skills before embarking on a full-scale Six Nations Championship campaign! Starting off as a complete rugby rookie, you must excel in six different mini-game challenges before becoming sufficiently skilled to take on the might of the Northern Hemisphere’s international rugby superpowers. (Once your training is complete, you can enter the prestigious championship featuring England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy.)

Individually, you learn how to scrum, take a line-out, score a try, tackle your opponent, kick for goal, and kick for field position before combining all of those newly-honed techniques in full-on, hard-hitting virtual rugby matches. This is pure rugby entertainment at its finest!

Just like the real-life stars of the international rugby scene, you have to exhibit quick reactions, sleight of hand, strategic planning, and good in-game management if you want to be this year’s rugby success story. As well as the physical rigors of fast, tactful keyboard tapping, you also need to display strong mental toughness by keeping your focus, discipline, and determination levels at a consistent high.

Happy and glorious, fine patriots, shoulder to shoulder, you and your teammates can make virtual rugby history, and send your opponents homeward tae think again!

How to Play: ‘Skill Tests Mode’ consists of 6 individual mini games where you hone various different techniques, while ‘Six Nations Mode’ combines all of these in a full match simulation. You can skip straight to Six Nations Mode without doing any training, but this is not recommended unless you have played the game previously. Each mini game in Skill Tests Mode features 5 attempts, and you must pass 3 out of 5 to be awarded a medal. We do not recommend playing Six Nations Mode unless you have achieved a medal in all 6 mini games. Skill Tests include:

- Passing: Here, you have to attempt to score a try (get to the ‘end zone’ with ball in hand). Control your players’ movement using the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard. Press Z to pass to a player on your left, and X to pass to a player on your right. Score at least 3 tries out of 5 to earn a medal.

- Tackling: Your goal is to prevent the opposition from scoring a try (they have 30 seconds to do so). Control an individual player’s movement using the Arrow Keys. Press Spacebar to put in a tackle, Z to switch control to a player on your left, and X to switch control to a player on your right. Make at least 3 out of 5 ‘shut-outs’ to earn a medal.

- Line-Outs: Use the Up and Down Arrows to choose the direction of the throw by your team's prop forward, and press Spacebar to start the power bar. Press Spacebar again to throw the ball, and then press the corresponding Arrow Key underneath the receiving line-out player to make him jump into the air. Catch 3 out of 5 to receive a medal.

- Scrums: Alternately tap the Z and X keys to keep the scrum straight. Avoid letting the opposition ‘wheel’ the scrum around 180 degrees. Win 3 out of 5 scrums to receive a medal.

- Kicking a Penalty (Field Goal): Choose the direction with the Left and Right Arrow Keys, and then Press Spacebar to set the direction in place. (Try and select the red bar exactly in the center). Press Spacebar again with the required amount of power. Score a minimum of 3 out of 5 over the bar to earn a medal.

- Advanced Kicking: Press the V Key to stop the moving directional arrow, and press V again with the requisite amount of power to execute your kick. Score at least 3 out of 5 field goals / targets to earn a medal.

Once you are happy with your skills training, click on the Six Nations tab at the top of the main dashboard screen. From here, you can choose to play as England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, or Italy in a full Six Nations campaign. Win each match to progress, and win all 5 to become Grand Slam Champion! Enjoy the epic journey!

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