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Fun Scooby-Doo Game Online - Skateboard Scooby

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Have you ever met anyone who fancied him/herself as good a skater as the legendary skateboarding icon, Tony Hawk? Well today, you are about to meet a new and unexpected dude to add to your famous skater list; Scooby Doo! Yes, that’s right - the lovable cartoon doggie has grabbed a board, donned his pads and helmet, and is busy pulling off complicated skating moves with aplomb! Skateboard Scooby is an enjoyable and wacky keyboard-tapping skill game for kids & teens where you have to build up Scooby’s skating momentum on a cool halfpipe ramp, and soar into the air as high as humanly (or should we say caninely?) possible. Reaching an awesome height isn’t the only target; you can perform some breathtaking skateboard stunts whilst in the air in order to increase your score, and grow your chances of a super-high jump!

If the sight of a comical cartoon dog flying through the air wearing sparkly blue shorts isn’t distracting enough, this skate sports game is actually a rather difficult test of your keyboard control skills and concentration levels. Carefully building momentum to launch Scooby further and further into the sky is definitely trickier than it looks. Timing is everything as you try to pinpoint the exact moment to switch from one direction to another. A flair for the spectacular isn’t to be barked at either – who doesn’t want to see Scooby performing cool mid-air ‘Ollies’ and extravagant flips? Get ready to bow down to the next great Skating Superstar!

How to Play: Your ultimate goal is to build up enough skating momentum to repeatedly launch Scooby higher and higher into the air. Beginning from a stationary position on a classic half-pipe skate ramp, you have to slowly rock Scooby from side to side, gaining speed as you progress until you eventually start to clear the half-pipe, and launch into the air. There is a Height Meter along the left side of the game screen with a Yellow Arrow marking the height of each jump. Scooby’s skateboard must go higher than the Yellow Marker each time it passes, as otherwise the ‘Attempt’ is over. For example, if you reach the 1,100 mark on one passing – but his next jump only reaches 1,000, it’s game over.

Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move Scooby’s skateboard from side to side. The trick is to switch Arrow Key directions at the exact moment Scooby’s skateboard is about to fall in the opposite direction. Think of it kind of like a rocking chair, going back and forth in perfect rhythm. Using this method should ensure that you gain momentum quickly, and start scoring on the Height Meter. Later on, when Scooby is very high in the air, changing directions exactly when his skateboard hits the ramp should give you optimum speed and momentum. While Scooby is high in the air, press the Up and Down Arrow Keys to increase his upward speed and downward momentum. You can also experiment by pressing a variety of different Arrow Keys to perform cool flips and tricks. While this may not necessarily increase your chances of a higher jump, it certainly increases your chances of enjoying a good laugh!

Note: Although the icon in the top right corner of the game screen indicates that you have three jump attempts in total, this is not the case. You have one big jump attempt at a time, so do your best to make it count!

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