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Fun Cat Feeding Game - Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon

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Sushi Cat: The Honeymoon is a wacky, arcade game for little kids where you have to drop a determined and bouncy little cat into a pinball-style grid filled with pieces of delicious sushi! The hungry feline pings around the various ledges and obstacles, gobbling up as many pieces of delicious raw fish as possible before happily falling into a bin at the bottom of the grid. To add a little background detail to this eccentric game, Sushi Cat is on a honeymoon cruise with his beloved pink teddy when the ship runs aground. Our hero kitty instinctively knows that he urgently needs to bulk up in order to save the ship from sinking – and what better way to increase his mass than by feasting on his favorite food; sushi! However, he needs your help to carefully drop him into precise areas on the grid in order to maximize his chances of consuming enough fish to complete each level.

This further game in the Sushi Cat game series features cute animations, quirky characters, and simple mouse-clicking controls suitable for younger kids who enjoy fun, colorful online arcade activities. Luck plays a big part in that you cannot affect the movement of the kitty once he enters the grid, but your expert eye, initial positioning, and the timing of your drop can be crucial toward the success or failure of the fish-loving feline. OK, it’s time to drop kitty, and enjoy watching him grow to multiple times his original size! Happy cat feeding!

How to Play: In each of the 12 progressively challenging levels, your objective is to assist Sushi Cat in achieving a ‘Full Belly’ by eating a set target volume of 30 sushi pieces. To do this, you have to carefully and tactically use your cat drops (you begin each level with 5 cat drops) in advantageous positions from the top of the grid. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, move your cat along the top of the game screen, and Left Click on his head to release him into the pinball-style grid. He bounces around, reacting and interacting with the rotating obstacles and spinning ledges in each level.

Once your cat comes into contact with a piece of sushi, he gobbles it up, and the total number of sushi pieces he must collect on that level reduces (the number is displayed in the top right corner of the game screen). Once your cat falls through into the bin at the bottom of the grid, the next cat drop is automatically loaded to your ‘dropping claw’ at the top. You can see how many cat drops you have remaining in the top left corner. If you run out of cat drops without reaching the set sushi target, the level is failed, and you have to try all over again. If one of your cat drops collects a ‘Tongue Roll Bonus’, click in any direction on the game screen, and your cat shoots a long, hungry tongue out of its mouth – gathering any sushi in its direct path that stick to it! Yummm! Enjoy the fish gobbling action!

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