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Play Transformers Armada: The Energon Within - Defend your Mine!

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Play an intense and difficult online survival shooting game that also combines an element of physics and ballistics to it. Transformers Armada: The Energon Within is an extremely challenging tower defense-style robot action game where you're base is under attack, and you have to protect a precious Energon mine by firing deadly missiles at the invading enemy forces (and you must control the angle and velocity of your missiles). The evil Decepticons are running low on Energon (the enigmatic, glowing green energy force that Transformers need to operate). However, rather than mine the valuable metal from the ground, the cunning Decipticons have decided to STEAL your stock pile from you! Luckily, your mine is equipped with a powerful missile-firing unit, and, through accurate shooting, you can eliminate the swarms of opposing robots before they get even close to your mines or as they try to make off with the loot.

Fans of the Transformers franchise will be familiar with legendary characters such as Optimus Prime and Megatron, while Transformer newbies should enjoy the high-octane tower defense action. Launching missiles into the air without a strategy is NOT the way to go here. You have to carefully and methodically pinpoint the main threats, and strategically take out those raiders who are most likely to escape with some of your precious Energon at that moment. This is a mission for only the most skilled missile launching pros online – Do you fit into that Elite bracket? OK, it’s time to make a stand for good VS evil – Transformers style!

How to Play: Keep your Energon mine functional for as long as possible by repelling the endless swarm of enemy raiders (through the use of accurate missile fire). Each time an enemy Transformer escapes unharmed, they steal 5 cubes of Energon from your stock pile. If 100 cubes are stolen from your mine, it’s curtains!

Using your computer mouse or touchpad, adjust the angle of the missile launcher perched on the unit on the left hand side of the game screen. Click your Left Mouse button to fire a missile; you can adjust the velocity (speed) of the missile by clicking and dragging the red Power Bar at the bottom of the play zone.

There are 4 different enemy Transformer robot types to contend with. ‘Decepticon Scouts’ are helicopter-like robots that hover above the mine and try to scoop out Energon cubes. ‘Miners’ are man-sized robots that tunnel underneath the mine and escape back through the right hand side of the game screen. ‘Raiders’ are tank-style robots that try to drive on top of the mine. ‘Jets’ are extremely fast, fighter plane-style bots that fly in from the top of the game zone. You can see how many cubes have already been stolen at the top of the battle area. Try not to hit your own mine with any of your shots, as three strikes, and it’s game over. Likewise, if you accidentally hit the transport vehicle in front of the mine, you fail the defense mission immediately. See how long you can hold out, and how many enemies you can destroy. Each eliminated opponent is worth 5 points toward your total score. So, good luck sharp shooter!

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