Play some of the best platform adventure games for PC, Mac, no download: Platform adventure games, PC platform puzzle games online for free for older kids (girls, boys), teens to play now. Vision By Proxy 1 game- really cool, eccentric, hard online immersive flash RPG games for middle/ high school age children.
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Platform Adventure Game for PC - Vision By Proxy

Rating: 7.7/10 - 99 votes

Play an interesting, puzzle-based platform adventure game for older kids where you change between viewpoints in order to complete various jumping and ledge-based tasks. Vision By Proxy is a clever, brain stimulating problem-solving game where you play the role of a lost, one-eyed alien who must use the ‘vision’ of different people on Earth to find the missing part to his spaceship. Your alien hero's eye is too sensitive for the earth's atmosphere so he urgently needs to enlist the help of some humans, and substitute human vision temporarily for his own in order to navigate through each level. This really is a teamwork-style challenge where you must toggle between the different visions – and use the diverse attributes and features of each viewpoint to your advantage.

Skills required: In this tricky, atmospheric and thought-provoking platformer, your problem-solving skills are regularly tested in each level. You must use a combination of analytical and logical thinking to methodically figure out the best way to advance your alien through the level, and collect the parts needed to repair his spaceship. Fast reactions and smart keyboard control skills are also important where you have to swiftly jump from ledge to ledge, and maneuver the alien around the constantly-changing terrain.

How to Play: A Flash-based, problem-solving, platform / adventure game for notebook, laptop and desktop PC / Mac (with certain browsers). In each of the three increasingly-difficult stages, your task is to find a missing part of your alien's damaged spaceship. Control your alien's movement with the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard.

As your alien's vision isn't compatible with Earth's atmosphere, you must enlist the help of three humans – Gardener, Girl, and Architect. Once you find and capture the vision of these helpers, you can toggle between the four different visions by pressing the number keys on your computer keyboard: 1 = Alien; 2 = Gardener; 3 = Girl; 4 = Architect.

Each helper's vision is completely different. The alien's vision is blurry and very difficult to navigate through. The Gardener's vision is of simple fields, buildings and flowers. The Girl's vision is of cartoon drawings and floating bunnies (which can be used as moving ledges). The Architect's vision comprises of blueprint-style drawings.

Your alien's path is blocked in certain visions, but clear in others. Toggle between the 4 visions carefully to figure out the best way to explore all the way through each level, and find the missing part. When you have collected the missing engine part, return to the spaceship on ground level to complete the stage.

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