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Unity 3D Pet Care Game - Lego Friends Pet Salon

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Play a fun salon simulation game for pet and animal care enthusiasts, or pet care workers or veterinarians of the future who are up for a day of scrubbing turtles, pampering puppies, combing cats, and more! Lego Friends Pet Salon is an interactive, role-playing 3D Unity-based game where you have the opportunity to wash, cut, pamper, accessorize, and feed lots of very cute and exotic pets! As Managing Director of your very own ‘Pet Salon’, you must make sure all of your (often fussy) animal customers are receive the very best of service.

This stimulating RPG game for girls and boys alike challenges your strategic planning and decision making attributes, and requires adequate mouse-clicking and keyboard skills. As well as quickly executing cleaning and feeding tasks, you must also be mindful of your time-keeping, business strategy, and the overall reputation of your salon. You should soon learn that running a pet salon isn’t all fluffiness and cuteness – There are tough business decisions to be made also from time to time! So, are you ready to take over the reins as new Salon Manager?

How to Play: This game requires Unity Web Player to play, and may take longer to load than other pet care & RPG games on this site (depending on the speed of your computer / internet connection). Use your computer mouse or touchpad to use all of the instruments provided, and click on the Green & White Arrow Icon that appears in the bottom right corner of the game screen to progress at all times. Each pet using your salon must go through 5 stages of care – Washing, Grooming, Teeth Brushing, Accessorizing, and Feeding:

Washing: Here, your pet client must get under the shower. Left Click and hold to let the water flow out, and move the cursor around to maneuver the shower head. Make sure you wash them all over! There is a large paw icon in the top right corner of the game screen. Once this is filled in clockwise with a pink color, your task is complete. After each stage, you earn one virtual dollar into your cash flow balance.

Grooming: Here, you must remove any grubbiness, dirt, or excess fur from your pet clients (depending on the animal). Use the mouse to groom all along the animal’s body. Again, the job is not complete until the paw icon is filled all the way in pink.

Teeth Brushing: Here, you must simply brush the pet’s teeth with a big toothbrush. Left Click, hold, and move the cursor from side to side in a brushing motion! You are done when the paw icon is fully pink.

Accessorizing: Here, you must pick out a cute accessory for the pet to wear (bow tie, heart-shaped badge…). The little guys are fussy, and won’t accept any of the items. Keep scrolling and clicking on various items until you find one that the pet likes (You are then able to attach this to their collar using the mouse).

Feeding: Here, you must scroll through the various food items until you find your client’s favorite. Left Click on a food item to lay it on the floor in front of the animal. If this is the correct choice, the pet gobbles it up. However, if you have chosen the wrong item, your pet client will have a sniff, and then shake his / her head (like we said, these can be fussy animals). Scroll through the food items by clicking on the green arrows.

Once all five steps have been completed, you can move on to the next animal client by clicking on the green and white arrow icon. Happy pet care!

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