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Fun Virtual Dog Care Game - Dog Hotel

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Make a reservation at the most pet-friendly accommodation on the web! Dog Hotel is a fun and hectic pet care simulation game for animal lovers of all ages where you must take complete care of an increasing number of boisterous little dogs! Prepare for a non-stop, mouse-clicking adventure as you frantically ensure that these pets have everything they need for a pleasant stay. Their owners have dropped in their beloved pooches for the day – and you have to make the most of the various facilities in order to keep each adorable doggie happy and healthy. As dog owners know all too well, their darlings can be a handful – and it certainly is no different in the virtual world of Dog Hotel.

This interactive game could be used as a good fun educational activity for young children learning about the importance of nurture and animal care, while general pet game enthusiasts can simply indulge in an absolute avalanche of puppy love! Don’t forget – it’s not all play-time! There's lots of hard work to be done, and you have to react quickly to ensure that each dog gets what it wants within an appropriate length of time. The doors to Dog Hotel are open – and these beauties need to be fed, watered, washed, played with, let out to the bathroom, vaccinated, and more! It’s definitely going to be a barking mad day!

How to Play: Use your computer mouse or touchpad to perform all of the actions. At the beginning of the ‘day’, a dog is left at the front entrance of your Dog Hotel. Throughout the game day, you must quickly respond to the demands of that dog. There are numerous doggy care facilities positioned around the game screen. When a dog wants a certain item, a small icon of that item appears above the dog’s head. Some items (such as toys, food, and water) have to be brought to the dog. Click on the item in question, and then click on the dog to deliver it. For washing, sleeping, vaccines, and ‘toilet’, you must first click on the dog, and then click on the item / area in question.

Keep an eye on the color-changing timer that appears alongside each ‘dog demand’ icon. As long as you get the dog what it wants before the timer runs out, you score points, and everyone is happy. Once you reach the end of the game day with a happy dog or dogs, you progress to the next level. However, if this ‘demand timer’ is allowed to run its course all the way to the color red, your dog goes ‘missing’. This means that the dog is out of control, and runs around the play area at high speed. If you don’t ‘catch’ it by clicking on it, the dog runs out the front door, and you fail the level. There are 8 levels in total. The game naturally increases in difficulty as you progress as you have to look after a growing number of dogs (in Level 1, you look after one dog; in Level 2, you look after two dogs, and so on). Happy pet care!

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