Play free virtual pet care games, cute cat care games online for kids (little girls & boys). Cute kitty cat care game for Android mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy, Windows phone, Android tablet, PC, no download. Fun pet games for kids ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 - preschoolers, elementary school age to play now.
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Free Cat Care Game for Android Mobile Phone / Tablet / PC

Rating: 8/10 - 1169 votes

Use fast reactions, accurate clicking / tapping, and expert mini-game playing skills to nurse sick little cats back to health! Cutie's Kitty Rescue is a fun animal care simulation game and interactive mini-game activity for young kids where you must restore a bunch of ill kittens to full health. Playing against the clock, and working as an assistant to ‘Cutie’ (the local vet), you must excel in a series of simple, cat care-related mini games such as putting band aids onto cats, playing with balls of yarn, helping a kitty eat and drink, and more.

Playable on Android mobile phone, Android tablet, notebook, laptop and desktop, this easy-to-play online pet care game requires accurate mouse clicking skills / finger tapping expertise depending on which device you are playing on. Ok Kitty Rescuer, let's hope your cat caring skills are close to purr-fect!

How to Play: This game may not play on all iOS mobile phones, tablets or browsers due to the game software not being supported on those devices. In each level, your goal is to carefully nurse a set number of kittens back to health before the clock runs out. Each little cat is delivered to you in poor health, and you must re-fill its Health Icon (shaped like a heart) by playing simple mini games.

For notebook, laptop & PC players: When Cutie drops a cat into the box near the top of the game screen, Left Click and drag it to one of the pink baskets. Next, click on the "+ icon" next to the cat, and then choose one of the 4 different mini games from the icons that appear. The mini games involve simple mouse-clicking tasks such as placing band aids onto kitty's wounds, dragging a water bowl or food pellets to kitty’s mouth, and more.

For Android mobile phone & tablet players: This is an easy tap/drag and drop game but some actions are slightly different. For example, if you have a sick kitten and you have to inject medicine - you tap on the syringe, and then tap on every red spot poor kitty has. The easy to follow onscreen explanation at the beginning of the game is very helpful. Some hints are provided during the game.

For all players: Each time you complete a mini-game, the cat's heart-shaped Health Icon fills up a little more. Once the Health Icon is fully restored, your cat is happy and healthy. If you cure all kittens before the timer in the top left corner of the play area runs out, you progress to the next level. However, if you run out of time, you must Re-play the level. Enjoy this cute pet caring challenge!

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