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Free Pet Game Online - My Cute Pets 2

Rating: 8.1/10 - 2650 votes

Do you really love adorable and playful little pets? Have you ever wanted to have your very own pet-care facility? Well, here's your opportunity! My Cute Pets 2 is a fun and challenging animal care simulation game for kids where you have to simultaneously care for a dog, cat, bunny rabbit, and hamster! Choose from a series of specific tasks, or a continuous adventure where you have to keep your pets happy and healthy for as long as possible. Feed them, clean them, put them to bed, give them their favorite toys, and much more!
While this is a cute, animal welfare role-playing activity, your quick reaction skills and nifty fingers definitely come into play. Your sweet little pets are extremely fussy and demanding - they always want something done for them. With so many to care for at once, this can become very tricky! Make sure you stay on your toes, and give them everything they need as quickly as you can to keep them happy and healthy. This delightful little game should be ideal for animal lovers of all ages, or any budding young veterinarians out there who dream of a career in the animal care industry. Ok Great Pet Carer, it’s time to meet your new best friends!

How to Play: There are two Game Modes to choose from – Challenges, and Continuous.
- In Continuous Mode, there is no time limit; you just have to provide and care for the animals for as long as you can.
- In Challenges Mode, you have a set amount of time to complete a specific task set out before you begin. You have 4 animals to care for; a hamster, a bunny, a kitten, and a puppy. Each of these little guys has to be kept happy and healthy using the various different items and actions indicated along the bottom of the game screen.

If one of the animals is hungry, the Food Icon appears beside them, along with a decreasing Status Bar. You have to quickly fill up their food bowl before the status bar disappears in order to keep them happy. If you fail to do so, their Health Bar (located above their heads) decreases accordingly. To give the little pets what they want, Left Click on the item/action of their choice, and drag it toward them. Some of the items, such as the Sleeping Cap, just have to be dropped on top of the animals by releasing the click. Other actions (such as patting them on the head), require you to move the mouse around the screen in a sweeping motion. Once you select an action, a mouse icon appears beside the animal, showing you exactly what to do with the item that you have chosen.

If you fail to take proper care of your pets, they unfortunately become unhappy. If their Health Bar decreases all the way, it’s game over (and you have the displeasure of seeing their unhappy little faces – it's heartbreaking!). Note: When you fail any of the challenges, you receive a message saying "Oh No, u aie te ue unny aene". We think that's bunny language for "Please don't leave me, I really need you!"

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