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Free Virtual Pet Dog Game - Dog House Club

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Every dog owner and pet lover wants their beloved pooch to have the comfiest, coolest dog-house around. Well, now’s your chance to design a dog house for three demanding yet adorable dogs! Dog House Club is a cute pet care game and fun building activity where you have to follow the instructions of three dogs who want you to build them a perfect home! These fussy little animals won’t accept any old dog house – they have a specific design in mind, and won’t be happy until you complete your work properly!

This easy-to-play dog house construction game is a good online exercise for young kids who have a flare for building or architecture design, and for anyone who likes dogs. Your memory skills are tested – as you have to remember the specific preferences that each little doggie gives. There are no tricky measurements here, just good, old-fashioned designing fun to match each dogs taste! Ready to play the role of Master Dog-House Designer? Happy dog house building!

How to Play: In each of the three levels, you have to design a custom-made dog house for a pooch that has exact specifications in mind. The catch is – you don’t know those specifications until you build a test-house first! There are three choices you have to make, selecting from the three building categories – Foundations, Materials, and Decorations. Each dog has a favorite style in mind for its new home.

First, choose from the three Foundation designs on the right of the game screen. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on your chosen design (there are 3 different pink-colored foundation designs.) This automatically appears on your work bench in the center of the game screen. Next, repeat the process by choosing one of the three Materials on the left of the game screen. Finally, choose an ornament from the set of Decorations in the center. Once these three items are on the workbench – click the ‘Build’ button that pops up.

If the dog-house is exactly what your loving pet wanted, it happily rushes into his new home. However, this is very rare on the first attempt. A more likely scenario is that your dog will give an annoyed bark – and a "Doggie speech bubble" appears, indicating one of the design items that you got wrong. Remember this preferred item, and go back to your building station to start again to select exactly what your hard-to-please dog wants. Keep building cool dog houses until each dog is happy with your design!

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