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Very Hard Physics-based Game - Ramps

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Love a really difficult physics-based puzzle activity? Ramps is a highly-stimulating, interactive physics game (for older middle school age kids, high school students, and grown-ups) that will thoroughly test your analytical thinking skills and problem solving tenacity levels. It is based on the relationship between potential energy (stored energy - ready to go) and kinetic energy (the energy of motion), and how your understanding of these two energies can greatly enhance your chances of success. In simple terms, you have to use a set of rotatable ramps to guide a dropping sphere into an awkwardly-placed bucket in each level. You play the role of ‘Ramp Builder’, and have to strategically position your limited number of ramps throughout the game screen so that they create a route or bridge structure for the descending blue sphere to travel along. Points are earned based on number of spheres used in each level, the time taken to solve the level, and the difficulty of the level.

This challenging and innovative online brain teaser activity requires total concentration, great patience, and the ability to predict the bounce and velocity of a falling sphere. You also need to call upon your creative engineering side as you carefully construct a platform that guides your sphere in the desired direction. Close observation, and trial and error are essential keys to success, so ensure that you keep trying different ramp combinations, and the solution should "hopefully" reveal itself to you with time! Happy channel building!

How to Play: Your aim in each of the 33 levels is to direct a blue sphere from the dispenser chute in the top left corner of the game screen into the silver bucket in the bottom right corner. Clicking on the dispenser chute releases the sphere which must then be directed toward the bucket using a well-placed combination of ramps or a single ramp; you have a limited number of ramps to work with in each level (and in some higher levels - some additional spherical objects, arm structures, and hungry sphere-eating fish to contend with!). Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the center area of a ramp, and drag it into a position where it will alter the movement and direction of the falling sphere. You can rotate the angle of the ramps by clicking on either end, and then dragging it in the desired direction (up or down). The faster you complete the level, the more points you earn.

To reset any level, click on the trash can in the top right corner of the game zone. If you get completely stuck, don't become too frustrated (Lots of players find this game extremely tough, and that is the idea here). Brainstorming, creativity, and good teamwork are essential to real life problem solving and success in science, engineering, business, and just about everywhere else. So always ask your family members, school friends or science / physics teacher to help you to create a solution for any troublesome level. Enjoy!

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