Play online block building games, block removal games for free, no download: Block removal physics game for iPad, iPhone mobile phone, Android tablet, Samsung Galaxy, PC. Fun brain teaser block puzzle games, touch screen brain games for kids (boys, girls), teens to play now online.
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Block Removal Physics Game for Android / iPhone / iPad / PC - Unstackable

Rating: 7/10 - 16 votes

Play a challenging block removal puzzle game on your mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop PC that combines analytical thinking skills, a sense of urgency, and quick reactions! Unstackable is a tricky, physics and gravity-based, problem-solving game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully and methodically alter the game environment (remove items) until your ‘Golden Crate’ rests solidly on the platform shelf below. This becomes increasingly more demanding as the Golden Crate is often placed on top of a tower of haphazardly-stacked blocks, and it is difficult to predict what way the tower might fall when you start clicking or tapping to remove the superfluous objects! There are 20 progressively challenging levels. Can you conquer them all?

This online, HTML5-based, gravity brain teaser puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. Skills required include a general appreciation of the laws of physics and gravity, alert analytical thinking and anticipation skills, a sense of urgency and timing. Fast reactions are really important as you clinically tap or click to remove multiple objects in quick succession.

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