Play fun, free quiche cooking game online for kids (girls, boys), no download: Cooking With Emma: Tomato Quiche game for iPhone, Android mobile phone, iPad, tablet, Samsung Galaxy, PC. Online cooking games for kids age 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 year olds to play now, new HTML5 games.
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Quiche Cooking Game Online for Android / iPhone / iPad / Tablet / PC

Rating: 6.8/10 - 113 votes

Learn how to make quiche (a popular French pastry dish) in this fun cooking simulation game playable on mobile phone, tablet, notebook, laptop, and desktop PC! Cooking With Emma: Tomato Quiche is a straight-forward culinary arts game for younger elementary school age kids where you have the opportunity to whip up a healthy and savory, vegan-friendly quiche dish from scratch! Simply follow the instructions and step-by-step directions, and get involve in the process of creating this delicious savory dish (which can be served hot or cold).

This HTML5-based, quiche-cooking sim game should work on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. This is one for any budding young chefs and kitchen enthusiasts out there, or anyone who enjoys hands-on cooking, trying out new recipes, and bringing ingredients to life! With increasing numbers of vegetarians and vegans in the world, these types of healthy dishes will undoubtedly become more in demand! So now is your chance to become a master quiche-chef!

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