Play fun tile stacking puzzle games online free for kids, no download: Koutack stacking puzzle game for Android mobile, iPhone, iPad, android tablet, Samsung Galaxy phone, PC. New stacking puzzle games, visual brain teaser games online for young children (boys, girls), family.
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Stacking Puzzle Game for Android Mobile / iPhone / Tablet / PC - Koutack

Rating: 7/10 - 3 votes

Koutack is a straight-forward yet highly-challenging, online tile stacking puzzle game (for elementary school age kids through high school teens) with 30 increasingly-difficult levels - playable on iOS, Android, notebook, laptop and desktop PC.

The concept is simple; you must stack all of the colored tiles in each level on top of each other. However, you can only move tiles by clicking or tapping on an empty space that has at least 2 tiles laying adjacent to it. When you do this, the adjacent tiles converge on that previously empty space. Keep adding tiles to your pile until every colored tile on the grid is stacked neatly into one pile! Score extra points by piling all of the tiles on the special Golden Square. Enjoy the wise and thoughtful proverbs after each mini-puzzle!

This HTML5-based, tile stacking brain-teaser puzzle should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac (It currently does not work on IE11 but should work for you on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).

Good problem-solving, analytical thinking skills and strategy are important as you try to figure out the best and most efficient way to stack up all of the tiles. Patience, concentration, determination, and a willingness for trial and error are all traits called into play in later levels when the puzzles are more complex and require a more cogent thought process.

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