Play online word games & word scramble puzzles for free, no download: Word Candy game - fun word scramble / anagram game for Android mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Samsung Galaxy, PC. Word brain teaser puzzle games for kids (boys, girls), adults, seniors to play now online free.
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Online Word Scramble Game for Android / iPhone / iPad / PC - Word Candy

Rating: 7/10 - 142 votes

Test your thinking speed, lexicon and spelling skills against the clock in this fun and educational word-forming puzzle & brainteaser game! Playable on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, notebook and desktop PC, Word Candy is a challenging and enjoyable word scramble quiz game for kids, teens and grownups where you must form valid, recognized words of three or more letters from a set of 6 jumbled up letters against the clock. Each level has a target number of words that you must create before the 2.5 minute clock runs out!

This online, HTML5-based, anagram / word puzzle game should work on iOS and Android devices as well as most web browsers for PC / Mac. This could be a good exercise for improving your analytical thinking skills, spelling, and general vocabulary as you must methodically and creatively form quick-fire words from the 6 base letters at the bottom of the play area. While the linguistic and analytical sides of the game are important, a sense of urgency and quick reactions also come into play as you must try to beat the countdown. 

Tip: Look at the candy pictures at the top of the play area – each candy sweet represents a possible word that you could make from the available letters below. Clue: The number of colors in each candy corresponds to how many letters are in the hidden word!

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